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“The body is like the earth… as vulnerable to overbuilding, being carved into parcels, cut off, overmined, and shorn of its power as any landscape”   Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Overwhelmed… Anxious… Exhausted… Numb…?

Or are you just ready for change… a complete  re-boot?

Then join us for 5 days and 4  nights as we retreat to the heart of the Drakensberg.

Come home to your body, the ground of your soul, experience your Creative Self and the quiet, healing joy of simply “being” again



 The retreat has been carefully timed to coincide with the Sun’s journey through Taurus, which helps us to deeply connect and dialogue with Earth. As we do so, we start to feel more grounded, more supported and better able to withstand the winds of change.

Using the lenses of astrology, mythology and art,  we will slow right down to restore and repair our connection to the Earth and our bodies – through  different creative processes,  movement,  dynamic meditation,  drumming, forest and mountain walks,  play, amazing food and much needed down time.

EARTH  is the first of four retreats in our Elemental Series, ideally  experienced sequentially, but you can choose which one/ones you’re drawn to.

For those of you who have been on our retreats before, this is a DEEP DIVE.  Read more about the ELEMENTS here

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Let the beauty of the mountains seep into your Soul











Our venue – Mkomazana Moutain Cottages

Nestled at the foot of Sani Pass, this magnificent World Heritage Site has been lovingly restored to provide a beautiful base for our retreat.  Surrounded by the spectacular beauty of the  uKhahlamba Drakensberg Park, the sparkling Mkomazana River and four dams, the property attracts a  multitude of birds and wildlife.

The self-contained cottages are beautifully appointed, each with its own  private garden, and wood burning fireplace. Delicious freshly baked scones are delivered to your door each morning.

Mkomazana is an easy 3 hour drive from Durban and a scenic 5.5 hour drive from Johannesburg. Its fresh mountain air, crystal water and the majesty of the mountains make this one of the Southern Drakensberg’s best kept secrets.

We  look  forward  to journeying with you!

27th April to 1st May 2017

COST : R5500


Shared accommodation (2 people per room)

All meals, teas and coffees

All art materials

Facilitator fees


Book and pay 50% deposit before 10th March and receive a 5%  Discount

Your Soular Power Guides

Michelle and Theresa have been friends and colleagues for more than twenty years. They bring their combined life experiences and knowledge together to assist people in deep inner work, through the lenses of  Process Art, Mythology and Astrology.


As a qualified Counselling Astrologer,  Artist, writer and all round Explorer of Life, Michelle uses a multi-faceted approach to help people understand themselves, navigate their lives and develop their true potential.

Michelle has attended workshops and retreats with some of the worlds leading Process Art facilitators and  has been leading her own  Art & Soul retreats and workshops for the past 17 years


Lover of imagery and adventure, Theresa in in awe of the wisdom and restoration offered up by process art, animals, nature, music and dance.

Ongoing student of Imaginal Psychology, she loves reading and photography and spends more time than she probably should pondering the imponderables!

Comments from some past retreatants

Being able to express my creativity and tap my inner-most process which is usually obliterated by day-to-day life, feeling infinitely safe and guided in the most compassionate and accepting manner – these are just a few of the things I truly love about the Art & Soul weekend retreats!

This weekend was filled with warmth, support, expansion and many, many “aha!” moments for me. I left feeling energised, transformed and honoured to have been part of it all. I was surrounded by spiritual partners, who supported my growth and changes and saw through my fears and excuses, refusing to allow me to be anything less than Who I Really Am. This kind of interaction, creative expression and healing is exactly what the world needs now, more than ever, and my deepest gratitude goes to Michelle for making it a reality.

Wendy Beresford

“I can honestly say that out of all the transformation and spiritual work I have done in the last 20 years this is the most profound.  The reason being that people (including me) process and transmute their “stuff” with such speed but also with such gentleness and in the most loving environment. And this happens without people having any intention even of processing stuff. It just happens in the most miraculous, soft and beautiful way. 

Michelle combines the most powerful meditations with free flow clay sculpture and art. It is art with no agenda, no required outcome except to be 100% present and in the moment and to enjoy. The retreat is also punctuated with beautiful walks, free flow movement, energy healing work or whatever seems to be “right” in the moment.

Antoinette McInnes



12 TO 14 MAY 2017

Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands

“The body has a wisdom of its own. However slowly and circuitously that wisdom manifests, once it is experienced it is a foundation, a basis of knowing that gives confidence to the ego. To reach its wisdom requires concentration: dropping the mind into the body, breathing into whatever is ready to be released, and allowing the process of expression until the negative dammed up energy is out, making room for the positive energy, genuine Light, to flood in.”

Marion Woodman

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