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As above, so below.  As without, so within. As the Universe, so the Soul

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As a qualified Counselling Astrologer, Life Coach and Expressive Art Facilitator, I  consult globally on Skype and face-to-face in Cape Town, South Africa.   After studying for 3 years I  earned a distinction and have now been consulting professionally for  18 years.  My  comprehensive Astrological readings provide clients with deep understanding and insight into themselves and help to illuminate  the meaning and purpose of their lives.


Fully comprehensive personal Astrology readings

Vocational guidance

Relationship charts and guidance

Understanding major life transitions

Childrens’ charts

Electional charts for selecting optimum dates for opening business, weddings etc


You  come into this world with a unique Birth Chart, which is based on the exact time, date, and place of our birth, and is completely specific to you.  Your chart is essentially like a  photograph of the heavens at the time you were born and serves as a cosmic map or navigational device for your journey on earth.

Astrology offers a completely unique and profound perspective, revealing how the Divine intersects with our lives, from birth and throughout our lives


Using your birth chart as our navigational map, I will help you to steer your way to your true potential.




“Michelle through astrology is able to most successfully analyze or map out what needs to be acknowledged in our lives. She has the gift of advising compassionately what we need on a soul level and yet what will work in a practical framework. AG

I absolutely loved going through my children’s charts with you. It gave me so much insight into their little beings and I feel so much better equipped as a parent. I couldn’t wait to go through it all with my husband and we were both amazed at how the charts completely confirm what we have observed and experienced so far. Thank you again for your incredible gift of insight. LH

Thank you so much for the gentle and receptive space you held for me, and for your guidance and keen eye.  It has opened up many things for me, and I feel satisfied with my decision to follow through on this. Frances

Thank you so much for all your kindness and invaluable expertise. You helped me to find some clarity You are amazingly gifted KB

Thanks for your time today Michelle. Loved every minute. Finally things are making sense for me and my life’s longings are being confirmed LR

Just wanted to thank you for the astrology reading…it confirmed all the main themes and predispositions in my life thus far.  The clarity and confirmation was wonderful and you are truly a gifted astrologer. PM

Many thanks for the session with you this morning – it really helped me understanding why I am feeling the way I am at the moment. So I can just embrace it and accept it and understand that it’s the way it’s supposed to be. TM

Just a quick note to thank you, sincerely for your very open, honest and heart-felt approach to the reading.  I felt a strong connection to you, and the message – and look forward to exploring it going forward.  PV

Thank you for all you guidance, support and never failing love.  You are an amazing woman, an inspiration to me and bring me such comfort and peace. I love you with all my heart. I am going out there to shine the brightest light possible. NG

Thank you for an amazing encounter. I’m bowled over by your work – and by you. Thank you for caring and sharing. BE (Life coach)

Thank you for sharing that insight with me – it’s really profound! I’m SO glad that I came today, cannot tell you how powerful it was…and look forward to reflecting and journalling further. LW (Life coach)

I just wanted to tell you how much I appeciated seeing you. I really feel quite connected to myself and my purpose now and it’s a wonderful feeling, I don’t have a fear of the unknown anymore, just a belief that things are as they should be and can only be improved upon. I still can’t believe how accurate you were!!  It was just so spot on what is happening in my life right now and what I need to work on, – uncanny the timing!!  JR

I wanted to thank you for the reading you prepared for me for my 24th birthday. It was a particularly special gift to receive and it had a profound effect on me. I hadn’t given much credit to astrology before, but the accuracy at which you describe me was incredible. MH