There’s a LOT going on astrologically over the next few weeks, as many of you might be feeling! We have a huge amount of retrograde energy and are currently in an Eclipse Gateway (between two eclipses). Due to eclipses always representing powerful  points of growth, awakening and change that last 6 months or more – this can be a very powerful time, albeit not always entirely comfortable.


We start with Mercury, the planet of communication, who has just entered his retrograde phase, which will last until 30th July. As always, it’s a good idea to back up your data (on all your devices), double check travel plans and be as clear as you can in your communications with others, as there can be misunderstandings. This Mercury retrograde travels backwards through the signs of Leo and Cancer and aligns strongly with the focus of the current eclipse season.   I wrote about the Solar Eclipse in detail in my last blog and we are now moving towards a Lunar Eclipse on 16th July –  more about that below.


The retrograde energy right now  is much stronger than usual, with  6 planets  retrograde!  (That’s a lot folks!)

In a heavy retrograde period like this, it can feel as if our lives (or areas of our lives) have come to a standstill.  We know that things are changing,  but are unsure of exactly what to do next. It really can feel as though we are taking one step forward and three backwards, as if our progress is being blocked, or that we’re being physically stopped or slowed down.  Some of us might even feel hopeless, listless, confused, unwell, unable to “see” the future” and perhaps fearful of even contemplating what lies ahead.

When there is this much retrograde activity around, we’re urged to pull back, reflect on, review, reassess and re-envision the different areas of our lives, in order to elevate our consciousness and re-align with our true potential.

Just as we need to engage the clutch and go into neutral to change gears in a car, we are being called upon to do the same in our lives. It is simply impossible to shift to a higher gear, without going into neutral. This however, flies in the face of our social conditioning, which repeatedly tells us that we should be moving forwards (constantly) – never backwards.

When we go into neutral, we surrender to the now and the “New” presents itself without struggle.


This  Eclipse season is linked to the January eclipses and focuses on the Cancerian themes of nurturing, family, belonging,  home life, comforts, security, maternal nature, care-giving, bonding and emotional connections with others, as well as the Capricorn themes of goals,  financial security, visions, structure and responsibilities. 

Lunar eclipses often reveal memories, thoughts and feelings from our early lives. Being right next to Pluto, this full moon is more intense than normal and could very likely to bring to a head issues that might have been brewing under the surface for some time –  particularly those related to childhood, family and home early life. 

We might feel more vulnerable than usual leading up to this eclipse and emotions could run rather high.  The way to navigate this is to allow, acknowledge and accept whatever is arising., love the parts of you that have might been banished and be gentle with yourself and others. 

All of this  also lines up with the Pluto Saturn conjunction that is forming, which I have written about quite a lot over the past few months and which I’m doing some talks about  in various parts of the country. I have a couple coming up this week in the Joburg area.


12th July – 12:30 to 2pm  – Sacred Touch Health & Wellness Centre, Benoni

41 Kei Road , Farramere, Benoni – R150 per person

13th July – 14:00 to 15:30 -Crystal Geological Shop, Weltevreden

2 Weltevreden Shopping Centre, Cnr Lobelia & Cockspur Roads, Weltevreden – R175 per person



Reflect back on what was happening for you in January and how it might be linked to where you find yourself now.  Where were you energetically? What was coming up for you? What were some of your major concerns and fears?  What has happened since then?


Review where you have and might still, be sending your energy on a daily basis.

When you focus on anything (positive or negative) for  17 seconds or more, it starts to change energetically.   So… if you’re sending your energy down the same muddy roads again and again, you’re just going to be faced with more potholes.

Be particularly aware of what you’re saying out loud or silently mumbling to yourself, knowing that whatever you’re saying over and over, is GOING to repeat itself!

Breathe in… Breathe out… and affirm the opposite


One way to work out what needs to change in your life is (for a few moments) to focus on what you DON’T want and how that feels to you.  You don’t need to STAY there – just visit briefly. Notice how it feels in your body. Give it a colour, a texture, a word and/or and/or an image.

Then come up with something that you do  want or a way that you would like to feel more often.  You are wanting to access a positive resource state. Make this as vivid as possible, using all your senses. This needs to be a situation or vision where you feel light, expanded, free, happy, joyful.  Consciously spend more time focusing your energy there.

Start and end your day by visualizing it as vividly as you can, until you can feel it pulsing in your body. A vision board, created with images that activate this state, also helps to connect with it. Gratitude journals work too, as do affirmations, particularly when done whilst in the “resource” state.

Heads up – if your patterns run very deep, you might need the help of a qualified therapist, Life Coach or good Energy worker to help to clear and release them.


If you would like to understand how these eclipses and retrogrades are impacting you personally, you need to look to the houses where  they fall in your birth chart. These are the areas in your life that are generally magnified and sensitised and brought into the light during these times. 

You are most welcome to schedule a session to work with me on this, to optimize the learning, before the planets turn direct.


Last  weekend, a group of amazing souls gathered at the exquisite Rest & Digest in Gillitts for my Winter Art & Soul Retreat. We chatted,  laughed,  painted, were  nurtured with amazing food  and were able to  re-ignite our inner fires. What a privilege!. Thanks to  everyone who helped to make this happen.  Watch this space for my Spring Workshops  on 21st and 22nd September.

I will be running one more  Winter Retreat in the exquisite Hogsback in July- details below. If you really want to replenish yourself, you might consider joining us. Its an easy 2 hour drive from East London and we still have space – Details below – or you can read more here.

In life and Light




Rest    Reflect    Reconnect     Restore

There is no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel, slow down, and bring  your energy inward. Becoming more present with every breath, you drop into Source and  fully honour yourself and your true purpose of being here.

On this retreat you come home to yourself, by immersing yourself in the flow of your innate intuitive creativity. Guided meditations and heart opening music will lead you gently into your inner landscape, where you’ll rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


As a small group, with the focus on tending our inner fire,  we shall paint, make art in nature, play, journal, meditate, nurture ourselves with good wholesome food, cozy chats and long peaceful sleeps and then emerge…                          ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are.






Residential Retreat 



TIMES:     Friday 5pm to Sunday 3:30pm                       

COST:      R2850 per person  (excluding Accomodation) 


Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Intuitive Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations

Weather Permitting:
Labyrinth Meditation
Visit to Eco Shrine
Walk to the Waterfall
Fire Ceremony 


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 2 nights and get your 3rd night free.

Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

 There are, however, many different exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer. Self Catering options are  priced differently

Please contact The Edge reception to make your accommodation reservations and check for prices & availability and mention that you are booking for the workshop, so you can get a special rate.