Full Moon April in Scorpio

Hi Soul Traveller

It’s been quite a month astrologically and it culminates with a big, bright, Super Full Moon April 27th in Scorpio (in South Africa). (In some places, the moon will reach her fullness the evening before ).

This month, the Full Moon is in Scorpio, square Saturn and opposite Uranus and three personal planets in Taurus. That’s a LOT of feminine energy!

This Full moon provides us with the opportunity to hold space for the feelings that may emerge from the depths of our beings. With a group of planets in Taurus, there’s a call to spend time in nature and to reconnect with the wisdom of our bodies.

In my video above, I  explain the energies in more detail and provide some navigational suggestions of how best to align with the current alignments.

Here are some questions to work with this full moon:

  • Where do you feel manipulated or controlled?
  • Where and how do you manipulate or control?
  • Where do you feel dis-empowered and how do you dis-empower yourself and others?
  • Where do you feel empowered and how do you empower yourself and others?
  • What do you think about most on any given day? This is what you’re feeding your power to.
  • What, in your life needs to be released, or changed, in order for something else to be reborn?
  • What are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis about security, money, power, manipulation


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