by Michelle McClunan

Full Moon December 12th is the last full moon of the year and the decade, making this a perfect opportunity to release and bring closure to all that we no longer wish to carry with us into the 20’s.

2019 has been rather big year for almost everybody I know!  With Saturn and Pluto moving around with the moon’s nodes, it’s felt a lot like a karmic clean up, preparing us for something different.  And now, we ready ourselves to usher in the New Year, which promises to be a one of great change, challenge AND opportunity.

Full Moons are always release points, which highlight the polarities that exist within us and our world. This one is in the dual, busy, communicative air sign of Gemini, which rules the rational mind, opposite the Sun in intuitive, expansive, truth seeking Sagittarius. These are some polarities that may be highlighted – Information versus truth, lower mind/higher mind, what we are told/the stories we tell ourselves vs what we really know to be true, deep within us.

This Full Moon helps us to recognise that, more often than not, the stories we tell ourselves are not to be believed. It brings these stories surface, so that we can see them and discern which are valid and which are invalid.

Don’t believe everything you think! 


A while ago, I read this by Iyanla Vanzant which really struck a chord in me. “Our eyes adjust to the level of deficiency present”. In other words, our lives adjust to wherever or however we believe ourselves to be lacking.  Our thoughts and beliefs drive us, whether they are positive or negative, so it’s really important that we continually examine them if we want to grow and flourish.

“I am”  is the creative force of the Universe, so anything following those words will naturally create our reality.

So… if we are repeatedly stating or thinking “ I am poor…I am lonely… I am single… I am not good enough… I am too old or too young”.. then guess what our reality is going to adjust to?


When next you find yourself spiralling into an old thought pattern, just stop.

Take one deeeeep breath. Use your higher awareness to bring yourself back into the present moment

By focussing on something that is more steadying than your ever- changing thoughts – like the breath coming in through your nostrils, the sounds you can hear, or what you can see with your eyes – in just this moment, brings you back into reality.

From that point, you can quickly see that the thought, the old belief, the idea about xyz might just be redundant and you can then let it go and choose a new one.

On this full moon, if you find yourself in a quandary about something, ask the question and then tune into your body to get a sense of what feels expansive and what feels restrictive. Allow the answers to surface, rather than chasing them down.

When they do (and they will), follow the guidance you receive by taking one step and then another and another….


Saturn and Pluto are are still moving towards their meeting point in January and at this full moon, Venus, the planet of love and money is wedged between them. This could bring issues regarding relationships and or/money out into the light and more specifically your thoughts and beliefs about money and relationships.  Take some time to jot down what your persistent thoughts are on those two subjects, where you mind wanders when you’re not watching – and then, if they don’t serve you, release them into the light of the full Moon and replace them with new fresh ones that do.


The other BIG news is that Jupiter has just moved into the sign of ambitious, practical, realistic Capricorn, where he will stay for the next 13 months, thereby reinforcing the Capricorn theme

For the past year, our giant planet has been moving through Sagittarius, his own sign, which has been dreaming, casting his eyes upward to see the big picture and sending arrows of possibility out into the Universe.

Now with his move into Capricorn, it’s time to ground those visions,  step by step, with commitment, dedication and mastery.  The idea, the move, the change that’s been hovering around in the blue sky? This is the year to make it happen.

You might have already felt the energy start to shift, giving us more focus and commitment. With a strong Jupiterian theme in my own chart, I certainly have felt it over the last couple of weeks.

With huge alignments in store, 2020 is undoubtedly a year where we are being called upon to  do things differently.  I’ve mentioned it before, but if we send our tap root into the soil of that which doesn’t change, what we know to be true, real and lasting, rather than anchoring ourselves in the ever changing, ever challenging matrix, we are given the stability and the potential to shift to an entirely new dimension of existence.

The focus needs to be on watering and tending the gardens of our souls and from the place of stillness,  building our physical reality and not the other way around.

The danger is, if we are not taking time to just be, to connect with something deeper, we are likely to find ourselves spinning out even more, with the changes we have in store.


My partner John Homewood and I are working on something really exciting which we will be launching in the new year. We will be providing weekly online guidance and mentorship to help you with navigating your way into and through the new paradigm.

Journeys of Awakening is a community and mentorship program  aimed at creating a better, more awakened life for yourself as well as your loved ones, and building a supportive spiritual community to help uplift the world as a whole.

Let me know if you might be  interested in joining. Watch this space for details!


Before the real silly season sets in, it’s a good idea to look back on not only the past year, but the past 12 years, to see  how far you’ve come, what you’ve learnt and what your vision/ higher understanding is now, compared to before.  Whilst doing your inventory, be sure to consider how you’ve grown and what you’ve done RIGHT!  Us humans are masters at beating ourselves up, but not so hot at acknowledging where we’ve actually succeeded.

  • Where and how have you expanded?
  • What do you know now (with a deep inner knowing) that you didn’t before?
  • How have your reactions to challenging situations changed?
  • Where and how have you found joy?
  • Where and how have you spread joy?
  • How can you do more of that in the next 12 years?


I’ll be taking a short break over Christmas and New Year and will be consulting again from the second week of January.

With these huge planetary alignments,  we are being called upon to shift more than ever before.  If you would like to see how this is interacting with your personal chart, contact me to set up a consultation.



Thank you all for reading my ramblings this past and for those of you who have had readings done, attended my workshops, retreats or classes or just been really good friends , I’m filled with appreciation and gratitude for your support and for the richness you’ve added to my life.

I’ll check in with you on around the New Moon on the 26th December, where we’ll be setting intentions for the year ahead.

In life and light