Before we reach the end of yet another year, we have a very energized Full Moon in Gemini on  7th /8th December 2022. Its a rather gusty, blustery Full Moon, which was reinforced by the rather loud wind sounds in the video – apologiesFull moon December

There is still a huge amount of mutable (changeable / restless) energy this Full Moon, with 6 planets in mutable signs. Mars is in a very close relationship with the moon, bringing some potentially fiery, impatient, possibly even angry energy to the mix.

If things get a little crazier on the outside, it’s a good idea to pull back a little, ground yourself and spend some time connecting with the natural world

In my video above, I explain the energies in more detail and provide some suggestions on how best to navigate the current alignments.

Below is a recording of our last Facebook live, where our theme was “When Life’s not Fair” which continues this month’s Sagittarian theme.  

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