The theme of transformation continues and builds until the Full Moon on the 12th November.  The Sun and Mercury (retrograde) are hanging out in the deep waters of Scorpio, urging us to go deeper and embrace change and transformation.  The Moon in Taurus is about presence, stability, practicality, building and maintaining security, and favouring the status quo.  The two together suggests that we be present and still in the midst of change.

This full moon links back to the New moon in Taurus on 5th May. If you reflect a little, you might find that similar issues, or a continuation of what was happening then, might be arising again now, but possibly with more intensity.

This combination of energies at this Full Moon can bring to the surface deep issues around relationships, sex, power, self-worth,  security, communication and the beliefs or “truths” that we hold dear to our hearts. The Scorpion insists that we go beneath the surface to investigate these at a deeper level and release what needs to be released, in order to make space for the new.

The best way we can navigate this energy is to stay present and open to whatever is arising, even if it might be uncomfortable or feel “wrong”.

“Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots. Rumi


The Moon in Taurus provides us with a beautiful, steady container which  helps us stay with what is, rather than bolt to the next diversion. She urges us to embrace the beauty of our natural surroundings and connect more fully with our bodies, nature and the five senses.

This full moon, connect with your inner world as if it were a garden. Ask yourself whether your soul plants need more sunlight, more water, more air, more nurturing. Maybe your garden needs a re-vamp or redesign or perhaps your precious plants would do better if they were moved to another location. It could be that some of them are being smothered by unnecessary weeds which are stunting their growth. Read back on your journal notes or reflect back to the New Moon two weeks ago  see what’s come up for you over the past few weeks – these could be clues as to what might be preventing you from fully shining your brilliant light. Imagine them as weeds that can be dug out and removed from your inner garden.


  • Ask / journal  deep penetrating questions about your life, but don’t demand the answers right now.
  • Spend time being quite and notice any signs or symbols that appear in relation to your questions
  • Feel the feelings that arise as fully as you can, in this moment.
  • Keep returning to your breath, over and over again.
  • Get your body moving – it will help to get the static energy moving.
  • Listen to some inspirational or calming music
  • Watch some uplifting programmes, Listen to some good podcasts or read a really good book
  • Soak in a bath… with bubbles, candles or beautiful oils
  • Spend time in nature. Lie down on the grass and watch the clouds or sit with a tree and seep in its presence and beauty.
  • Feed yourself with delicious, nourishing food


On the evening of the full moon you can do a ceremony, where you release whatever might be redundant, back to the earth, in order to clear the way for new ideas of expansion or growth that will want to emerge  with the next Sagittarius New Moon.

One way of doing this, (which we did on the recent retreat I facilitated with John Homewood in Hogsback), was to create something and gift it back to Mother Earth. As a wise soul on the retreat said, when we give a gift, we don’t take it back, so really gift it/ surrender it back to Nature. I created this pink heart, out of the spectacular azaleas which have emerged in all their splendour.

Thanks to all who attended the Retreat and to the Edge for providing such a beautiful container for us. Much love and gratitude for all.

In Life and Light