Full Moon October

The energy is building towards a big bold fiery Full Moon in Aries on 13th October, opposite the Sun in Libra. Full moons are always powerful culmination/ release points. This one is jam packed with polarities – Our needs, desires and preferences, versus those of others; Self-preservation versus self-sacrifice; Giving versus receiving; Assertion / aggression; Love/ peace versus war.


Involved in this full moon is our dear old friend Pluto, as well as the warrior planet Mars and the wounded healer, Chiron, holding the potential for conflict and intensity, as well as healing on a deeper level.  This theme continues for the next few months, as Pluto and Saturn continue to move towards their conjunction in January 

For now, Pluto, who recently turned direct,  is directly squaring the Sun and Moon, This could  challenge or trigger  something that was going on in April when it went retrograde.  It will very likely dredge up old toxic beliefs and behaviours, so that we can recognise and transmute them.  Mars, the ruler of this full moon is opposite Chiron. Mars being in Libra places the focus on relationships and suggests that they could very well be the activators of our wounds or pain bodies.   


When we’re in the midst of a pain body trigger, it can be hard to see anything other than how we think we’ve been wronged.  Maturity and awareness often seem to walk out the door,  as we find ourselves reacting unconsciously and creating conflict with our significant others.  

It does help to remember that if there was no wound there in the first place, there would be no pain and therefore no knee jerk reaction.  So… if you find your wound being pressed or squeezed, it might just be that this is yet another opportunity for healing.


If you find your pain body being triggered by something or somebody else, one of the ways you can consciously work with it is to quietly exit the situation (preferably before you let rip) Take some quiet time and feel into any uncomfortable feelings as fully as you can, whilst continuing to breathe deeply. As you do this, say “Even though I feel this way, I deeply love and approve of myself”. There’s no need to act on the feelings or analyse them. Rather just sit with them, accepting them and owning them as yours, without judgement or condemnation. Just allow them to be felt as they are.


Then, when the wave of feeling has passed a little, (as it will)  step into the position of the witness and ask what your mind was telling you about the situation, what insecurities it might have triggered and how you would rather the other person had behaved towards you. Then, turn it around and ask yourself how you might change your own behaviour towards yourself or the other person. As soon as you step into the witness, you realise that you are not your thoughts or your feelings and with that awareness, you can transmute them. It really helps to write it down as it comes up. PS All of this needs to be done with a tremendous amount of empathy and gentleness.


With all that’s going on in our world right now, we can often find ourselves fighting against what we feel is wrong with our lives, society and the world in general.  This Full Moon, we are called upon to question whether fighting is the answer. With Mars, the ruler of the moon being in Libra, the sign of the peacemaker, its suggested that instead of instigating wars on anything or anybody, we bring more light, more love, more compassion and more peace into whatever it is we want to change. Rather than fighting against what we don’t want, we can choose to focus more on what we do.

In other words –Be the change you want to see in the world” (Ghandi).

Think about this, when has the war against anything actually worked for the good of humankind or our planet?

We went to see Pavarotti the other night, a really well-crafted documentary on the great tenor. Do yourself a favour and go and see the movie – it’s truly inspirational and heart opening.

At one point, he was recording music for two different studios, one of which was owned by his wife. The studio he was under contract to went to see him to tell him that this was a problem and against his contract. His reply was “Life is too Short”. The person delivering the news didn’t really know what to say and took it back to his head office. It turned out that the recording company decided the best thing to do was to buy Pavarotti’s wife’s studio, thus resolving the issue without having to go to war.  

I’ll leave you on that note – let’s soften and open our hearts – Life really is too short to be at war.

Relationship are mirrors, reflecting back to us what we might not know about ourselves”. Shakti Gawain

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