Full Moon September

Hi All

It’s Full Moon time again – they sure do seem to come around quickly these days! 

Full Moons are always culmination points in our monthly cycle and this one’s no exception – whatever’s been bubbling in our respective pots, could very possibly come to fruition and/or to a head this week.  

On 20th October, the Moon in forward-moving Aries moves into an opposition with the Sun and Mars in peace-making Libra and squares Pluto, the planet of transformation.  Whenever Pluto is involved in a lunation, unconscious emotions and very often whatever is lurking in the shadows, tends to come out of hiding, for transmutation.  

When we look at the Libran focus, there’s a big emphasis on bringing harmony and balance to all aspects of our lives. However, Aries has other plans – the warrior wants to go in guns blazing, possibly engage in conflict if needs be, sort things out, move things along… and right now preferably!

The Moon in Aries is ruled by the Warrior planet Mars, which is situated close to the sun, so the light is being shone precisely on whatever is OUT of balance, on where we are living inauthentically and out of integrity.  We are encouraged to ask ourselves whether we’re being our own authority or  if we are constantly looking outside for advice, approval and affirmation; whether we are playing the role of “pleaser”  or “warrior” and how that’s working for us. Its also a good time to ask if we are ready to stop blaming anybody or anything else for our situation and take compete responsibility for every single aspect of our lives, knowing that on a higher level we signed up for exactly this!

With Mars next to the Sun, as well Air (Libra) fanning fire (Aries), tempers could run high this week, and it could be very easy to spin out of balance.  

If however, we’re able to take a deep breath, stop and centre ourselves before we react, we will generally choose  peace rather than war,  and then we can allow the energy of this potent full moon to push us forward and upward, out of the darkness and into the light.

WhatEVER is going on in your life right now, take a few moments to sit with it and ask – if you wrote this into your script, how might it be serving you at the highest level of your evolution?  (Clue – this will probably not be what your ego wants – the ego never wants to be sick or impoverished or challenged in any way – but this is the journey of the Soul we’re on – not the ego 🙂

 Thinking of Tempers, the word Temperance comes to mind– a very Libran word. 

In the dictionary “Temperance” means moderation of passion; patience; calmness; sedateness.

In the Temperance tarot image, the angel has one foot on the land and the other in the river. In this stance he/she represents the need to “test the waters” before jumping headlong into unknown circumstances. In so doing, she tempers the whimsical flight of the Fool, who sometimes jumps without giving a second thought. This stance suggests that we “test the waters” before jumping headlong into unknown circumstances.

In his/her hands are two cups which are used to mix water. One cup can be thought of as holding hot water and the other cold water. With temperance, we can mix the opposites and find a balance in life, by avoiding extremes.

 Another interpretation is that he/she ceaselessly pours water (feelings) back and forth from one cup to another, because feelings must constantly flow and renew themselves, according to what’s happening in every moment.

Playing with the word “temperance” a little further led me to look further into the word “Temper”, which is a very Aries word. It doesn’t only mean to go red in the face, stomp our little feet and throw our toys when our ego needs aren’t met. 

 Steel for example, is “tempered” when it’s heated up and then quickly cooled and in so doing, its effectiveness, strength and robustness is increased. (That’s what you see when blacksmiths stop hammering the sword on the anvil and plunge the glowing hot blade into a barrel of water).

And lastly, if we go back even further to the older roots of the word, to “temper” something meant to prepare it specially, by carefully mixing in new ingredients to create balance.

It seems to me that we are all being tempered by what’s going on in our world right now – that we are in a time of alchemy and that we have the opportunity of creating a whole new way of being and of emerging stronger and more resilient than ever before.

So here we go –- in full acceptance, authenticity and temperance –  we’re all in this together

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