New Moon Aquarius

Hi Soul Traveller!

We’re headed to  a rather spectacular New Moon on 11th February… This one is unusual due to there being 6 planets in the sign of  Visionary, Maverick Aquarius. These include the two bountiful  planets Venus and Jupiter – opening the way for new opportunities.

New Moons are always a time to plant seeds for the lunar month ahead. This one is about planting the seeds for a new Vision for your life.

With Mercury being retrograde right now, and as we move towards the end of the lunar cycle, this is an excellent time to clear out what we don’t need – to weed the fields as it were, before planting new seeds – our homes, our bodies, our mental / emotional/ physical clutter. I talk about this and more in my video above

Below is a video of our Sunday Night Facebook Live, where we chatted about the importance of clearing. There’s also an opening / centering meditation and a closing visualisation, which you can use on the New Moon.