Full Moon February


Hi lovelies

 The New Moon on 1st April 2022 (in South Africa) is in the bold fire sign of Aries. New Moons are always times to plant seeds for the next lunar month. This one is more potent than usual, with it being in Aries, which is the first sign of the Zodiac and on the 1st day of April in some places.

We have many different energetic themes this New Moon – including a Mars Saturn Venus conjunction, which can feel a bit controlled, almost like a hand brake. The last time Mars and Saturn came together was in April 2020 when the world went into hard lockdown.

However, this time there is a lot of revolutionary energy around too, as well as a giant conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, which happens only once every 165 years. This energy is really supporting us in moving to higher levels of deep connection and consciousness.

There is lots happening in the heavens right now, which I explain in the video, along with suggestions on how to navigate the alignments.

Love Michelle


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In our Online Community during April we will be exploring COURAGE  – JOIN US

This month, as the Sun and Mercury make their way through Aries, accompanied by Chiron, the wounded healer, we explore Courage. 

“Courage” is a heart word. The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart”

Being the first month of our solar year, we are supported energetically with some strong fire energy to help us move forward with our intentions.  



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