Hello fellow Soul Traveller

We’re headed towards a very sensitized, watery New Moon on 19/20 February, with the Sun, Moon, Venus and Neptune all in the watery sign of Pisces. New Moon February

With Pisces being the final sign of zodiac, this New Moon ushers in the last  month of our astrological year, calling upon us to feel the feelings that are arising and to release whatever doesn’t serve us.

New Moons are always a time to plant seeds for the month ahead. With Saturn being closely connected to this New Moon, these seeds need to be infused with commitment to our spiritual/ sacred/ creative practices, which will hold us in good stead for the huge alignments coming up in March. 

In my video above, I explain the energies in more detail and provide some navigational suggestions of how best to align with the current alignments.

EMAIL ME if you would like to see how these big changes are playing out in your personal chart. 

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