Slow Down

On the 19th May, we have a beautifully earthy, fertile, sensual New Moon. Being in the sign of Taurus, she gifts us with gentle, grounded energy, which helps to sustain and move us through the somewhat turbulent energy that is still around. New Moon May 2023

Jupiter has just moved into Taurus, where it will stay for a full year, assisting us in building our resilience and sustainability as we move into the New Earth.

Take time leading up to, during and after this New Moon to smell the roses.

Sloooowwww everything doooowwwwn.
Connect with your body
Deepen your relationship with Mother Nature
Deepen your root of present moment awareness. 

In this video, I explain the energies in more detail, provide some navigational suggestions of how best to align with the current alignments.

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Much love