new moon may 

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New Moon May

On Sunday 5th May, we have one of the most beautiful, prosperous, sensual and fertile New Moons we’ve had in ages. The Sun and Moon are in the sign of earthy Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty and money.  They are in a flowing alignment with Pluto, Saturn and the South Node, all in earthy Capricorn, as well as with Neptune in Pisces.

These alignments offer a sweetness, a sensuality and a celebration of our earthly delights, as well as a deep gratitude for the abundance that Mother Earth provides us every single day. The Neptune connection brings a sprinkle of star dust, Divine inspiration and creativity into the mix too! New Moon May

It feels to me that this New Moon is providing us with an oasis, particularly after the fire and brimstone of the last month, which may have left some of us feeling a little scorched, scratchy and possibly gasping for breath.  There are still a few sparks flying around, which could easily start more blazes if not tended to, but generally the energy should quieten down a little this month.

Taurus is a fixed feminine earth sign and her energy is slow, stable, methodical, grounded and sensual. With Saturn and Pluto having just turned retrograde (in earthy Capricorn) the scene is set for a month of presence, patience and gratitude.

Taurus represents Mother Earth, our bodies, stability, security, the five senses, beauty, art, money, food and that which we truly value.  This month, we are reminded, over and over again, to slow down and return to the present moment, connect with, listen to and nourish our bodies, spend time in nature and re-connect with our sense of stability and security. 


Over the next few months, while Saturn is Retrograde, we will be reassessing  that which we truly do value … now…at this stage of our lives. If you go a little deeper than usual,  you might find that some of your values have changed.  

At any moment during your day, when faced with a decision, ask yourself what the most valuing choice would be.


 I know you’ve heard it before, but one of the quickest ways to shift your energy is to focus on gratitude. Take a few minutes in the morning and in the evening to reflect on what you’re grateful for! If you are feeling lack in any area of your life, acknowledge and appreciate the prosperity you  already have and it will start to shift.


A good question to ask this new moon is where we find our sense of security. Do we find it from other people, a specific place, a relationship,  a home, a job or a bank balance? All these things can and do change, so when we place our security in them, we are sure to feel unsteady when they shift.   What if we reach our tap root further and deeper than that – to a place that is unchanging and eternal?


The key to navigating the energy this month is to be patient and present. Rapid movements and impatience might just set us back even more, so we really don’t have much option other than to go  S L O W L Y  one step at a time.

We are being invited to really tune into the rhythm of Mother Earth, rest and recover , assimilate and consolidate (Saturn Retrograde)  the shifts, insights and transformations (Pluto Retrograde) we have experienced  over the past few months.

Even if you feel as though you haven’t been making much progress outwardly, if you reduce the speed, tune in and listen, you will see that you have internally shifted.

When last did you really slow down?

There is an old Zen saying “ When eating, just eat!”

Try it – When you’re eating, don’t do anything else. Just eat. When you’re drinking, just drink. Sip by sip. When washing the dishes, just wash the dishes. Feel the warm water on your hands. When brushing your teeth, just focus on doing that one thing.  Open up all your senses – look at the colours and the shapes, feel the surface textures, notice the sounds in your environment, smell the smells. You’ll notice that when you focus on one sense, it expands and improves your experience.


This weekend, take some time to really smell the roses. Sit outside, or better still, lie on the grass and just be. Listen to the sounds, feel the earth supporting you. Watch the clouds scudding across the sky. Smell the earth.  Feel how prosperous you really are, your connection to all that is and to the sense of stability that exists in the present moment.


As the season turns and we head towards Winter, we are encouraged to turn in – to replenish, restore and nourish ourselves. 

This is just what we’ll be doing at my Winter Retreats that I will be facilitating from the end of June  in different parts of the country.  Click here for more details (best viewed on a desktop or a laptop)  or scroll down. 

Ok – that’s it from me for now … So… slow down, you valuable, magnificent being and celebrate your life – you deserve to!

In life and light



Rest    Reflect    Reconnect     Restore

There is no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel, slow down, and bring  your energy inward. Becoming more present with every breath, you drop into Source and  fully honour yourself and your true purpose of being here.

On this retreat you come home to yourself, by immersing yourself in the flow of your innate intuitive creativity. Guided meditations and heart opening music will lead you gently into your inner landscape, where you’ll rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


As a small group, with the focus on tending our inner fire,  we shall paint, make art in nature, play, journal, meditate, nurture ourselves with good wholesome food, cozy chats and long peaceful sleeps and then emerge…                          ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are.



Non Residential or Residential Retreat

TIMES:      Saturday 8:30 to 5pm,   Sunday   8:30 to 5pm

COST:      R1600 (Non residential)


Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Vegetarian Lunches
Teas, coffees, treats
Walks in Nature
Guided Meditations

RESIDENTIAL – Please contact Rest & Digest if you would like to make this a real RETREAT and stay over. Their  accommodation and hospitality is superb! 


(Residential retreat)

TIMES:    Friday 5th July 5pm to Sunday 7th July  3:30pm 


R3750 per person sharing  (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R3450

R3950 per person single    (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R3700       


 Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Accommodation – single or sharing as above
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations
Walks in Nature (weather permitting)
Fire Ceremony (weather permitting)

Check out Hearth and Soul Here  


Residential Retreat 

TIMES:     Friday 5pm to Sunday 3:30pm                       


R2850 per person   (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 30 May and pay R2550


Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Intuitive Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations

Weather Permitting:
Labyrinth Meditation
Visit to Eco Shrine
Walk to the Waterfall
Fire Ceremony 


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 2 nights and get your 3rd night free.

Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

 There are, however, many different exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer. Self Catering options are  priced differently

Please contact The Edge reception to make your accommodation reservations and check for prices & availability and mention that you are booking for the workshop, so you can get a special rate.