New Moon November 26th  is in Sagittarius, ruled by beneficial Jupiter, who is  very strong in his own sign and even stronger due to where he is positioned right now. Our biggest planet is currently lighting up the middle of the Galactic Centre, the rotational centre of the Milky Way, which has  been referred to symbolically as the all seeing eye, the birthplace of the cosmos, perhaps the heart of our galaxy.

Whichever way we choose to view this point in the heavens,  the Galactic Centre is an exceptionally potent energetic  source and when we have planetary alignments like this, we earthlings are  provided with a unique opportunity to considerably upgrade our consciousness and our spiritual evolution.

This past Sunday, Venus, the planet of love, joined him there for the first time since 1995 and even though she has moved a couple of degrees away now, she’s still closely enough aligned to powerfully influence this New Moon.

Here they are, as they appeared in the sky, just after sunset (pic taken from Noordhoek Beach).  When these two partner each other in the night heavens, they represent timelessness, expansion, liberation and LOVE!

New Moons are always about beginnings, planting new seeds, and setting intentions for the next Lunar Cycle. This one is strongly imbued with Sagittarian energy, commonly referred to as the archer, the seeker, the one known for his wanderlust.

However, on a deeper level, Sagittarius yearns to re-discover and reconnect with the Ultimate Truth.

The archer fires off his arrows constantly, in a quest to move beyond the norm,  see behind the veil of the mundane, stagnant,  redundant conditioning and to move to a higher place of deep knowing.  In other words, he seeks to remove the barriers that are preventing us from experiencing who we really are at our core.

This New Moon Alignment urges us to give up the struggle,  forgive ourselves and others and to move to a place of true liberation, peace and love.


But first, we might need to shine a light into those darker clouds. For the last week Mars in Scorpio has been opposing Uranus and will stay that way for another week or so. The opposition is exact at New Moon, which could bring OLD  residual frustration, resentment or even anger to the surface.

With the New Moon being in a trine to Chiron the wounded healer, this is an opportunity to peel back yet  another few layers of the onion, see more clearly where rigid judgements arise about ourselves and others, where we still hold resistance or resentment and to  forgive, in order to liberate ourselves.

If or when those same old fearful/ anxious / victimised/ dissatisfied thoughts, judgements or expectations come up – Eg – “He/she shouldn’t have;  That shouldn’t have happened;  I / he/ it should be different, take a few breaths and step into the position of the witness. Stop right there and connect with how you feel in your body at that moment. No judgement, no blame, no resistance- with full love and acceptance.

Then take a deep breath and ask yourself who you would be or how you would feel without that thought. If you had never had it or if it disappeared altogether. It really helps to journal this.

Now check back in with your body.  If you experience even a tiny bit of relief or lightness,  you might want to consider letting go of it… dropping it for once and for all.  Really…. What good is it doing?   Why hang on to it if its causing pain?  Note – this will only work if the suffering has reached a point where you really, really, really want to move past it.

With Sagittarius representing the teacher, mentor, networker, this would be a good time to  engage with people and situations that will support us in achieving our expansion, consciousness and evolution.  This might be a therapist,  healer, coach, or a close, unbiased, supportive friend. Reach out!  You are not an island!


Spend a few moments on the night of the New Moon and at any time over the next few weeks shedding the layers.  Each time old conditioning appears – a thought, an old negative belief, a feeling that you would really like to release,  imagine surrounding it with love and forgiveness. Then wrap it around one of Sagittarius’s arrows and fire it into the middle of our galaxy to be dissolved.

Then dust off a few more arrows, straighten them out, sharpen them up and  shoot  them off in the direction of what you do want –  more peace, more freedom, more love.


I have been consulting for 15 years as  a qualified Counselling Astrologer and Life Coach . My comprehensive readings open the door to deeper understanding and insight into yourself and help to illuminate the meaning and purpose of your life. They also help you to  navigate the current energies that are playing out collectively and personally.

We are currently experiencing huge planetary alignments,  which are calling on us to shift more than ever before.  If you would like to see how this is interacting with your personal chart, contact me to set up a consultation.


In light, life and liberation