Solar Eclipse June 10

We have the second eclipse this season on the 10th June. This one is a NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE in the sign of Gemini,  along with Mercury and the North Node of Destiny.

Mercury, the ruler of the New Moon and the planet that rules communication  is retrograde, along with Saturn and Pluto.  Whenever we have strong retrograde energy like this,  the heavens are encouraging us to step back and review the themes represented by the relevant planets.

For example, old insecurities and fears (Saturn) around communication (Mercury), confusion about what is true for us,  as well as repetitive reactive  patterns may be emerging  into the light of our awareness at this time.

This eclipse encourages us to look at the choices we are making, as well as how we communicate in any given moment with ourselves and others.

In my video I explain the energies in more detail and provide some navigational tools to navigate the current alignments.

Being a New Moon and an Eclipse, the 10th June  is a very powerful day to start new endeavours and plant new seeds.  As a result of this, we have selected this auspicious day to launch our next 13 week online  JOURNEY TO FREEDOM course.

We’d love you to join us FREE for the first one week leg, which is entitled FIND YOUR LIFE VISION! 




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m, InnerSpace.  This month we are working with TRUE COMMUNICATION. Scroll down for details


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