There is order in chaos, even if it doesn’t seem that way. 

It’s been a while since I wrote a proper blog and this felt like the right time. What a week it’s been! Whilst the whole world continues to be challenged on every level, a giant spotlight has certainly been shone on the country that I call home – South Africa.

In addition to the ongoing enforced lockdowns by our government, which has had an enormous effect on our people across our land, we woke up on Monday to nothing less than war in certain parts of our beloved country.

My heart goes out to each and every one of you who has been affected and most of us have been, in some way or another.

We have dear friends who have been terrorised night after night, under the threat of imminent attack, and many people who have lost their businesses, have not been able to access food and essential medications and more.

I personally lost my entire life’s belongings when the storage facility they were stored in was looted and brutally vandalised over a period of 3 days.  Security guards at the facility were over-powered and the riots were so violent that  nobody could access the area. Whatever was not stolen, was destroyed and/or burnt. There was not much any of us could physically “do” for days – we had to just surrender to what was happening.

These acts of theft and unadulterated violent destruction reveal great systemic problems that are at the core of our society, not only here, but across the world. Underneath such darkness is desperation and a deep disconnection from life itself.

And then… there’s the flip side, as there always is. Right there, in the midst of the darkness, there’s the light!

There’s the proof that we are never alone, that there is indeed a great organising design at play, that despite our perceptions, there is order in the midst of the chaos, which we can choose to see, or not.

As part of this, on Monday, a couple of hours after I discovered that my precious belongings and memories were in the process of being looted or destroyed, I received a couriered gift from a friend, thanking me for some support I had offered her.

As I opened the package, tears flowed from my eyes.  Inside, was the most exquisite mandala cloth… but here’s the thing… this was not just any mandala cloth, This was EXACTLY the same as the one I bought a few years back, that was in my store room.  I mean…  the same size, the same colour, the same design – the only difference being that his one has tassels around it, making it even more beautiful.  What are the chances that somebody on the other side of the world, who has never been inside my home, would purchase the exact item that I had just lost?  When I connected with her, she told me that as she was look for something to buy for me,  it jumped out at her from the screen.

Now… I can choose to see this as “just a coincidence” or as a very clear sign that “life” has me… that even in the face of huge personal loss I/we are indeed supported;  that it’s always possible to start again; that the world of form is always going to change and that by expecting it not to, or resisting that certainty, we select suffering.

This doesn’t mean, for one moment, that I don’t feel sad, that I don’t feel grief for the loss of artwork, books, 60 years of photographs, precious memories that have either been trashed or gone up in flames.  I do and that’s ok! In fact its crucial!  It’s part of the human condition and it needs to be fully felt and processed.

However, it’s to recognise that we always have a choice as to how we are going to see things. We can see things that happen to us as unfair. We can see ourselves as victims. We can resist what’s happening, cast blame, shut down, put up barriers and go to war with life and everyone around us

.. or…

We can choose to see everything that arises in our awareness and our lives as that which we have,  on a soul level, written into our life diaries – not as random, punishing events, but rather as catalysts to help us grow and evolve.

Its a choice.

How might I grow from this?” ,  “What is this teaching me?”  or “How is this serving my soul’s evolution?”..are far more helpful questions than “Why did this happen to me? … the answer to which we may never receive.

In the midst of the extreme mayhem and darkness that so many of us have experienced and are still experiencing, there have been and continue to be, unparalleled miracles unfolding.

We have witnessed people coming together like never before, to protect and support their belongings, their loved ones and one other. People from all walks of life, all colours, all classes, standing as one, FOR each other, while their government has dismally let them down.  Men driving trucks of bread down to Durban at their own expense to help to feed the people. People choosing to come together to  clean the streets, help to restore businesses, make plans to get food, medication and essential supplies to those in need – on and on it goes.

This collapse of the old worn-out structures, can be seen very clearly astrologically and is what I’ve been talking and writing about for the past 2 years.

This is what I wrote in October 2019 about the major alignments that played out last year.

 SATURN & PLUTO IN CAPRICORN  – Mid January 2020

“It’s really anybody’s guess as to exactly what’s going to happen as a result of these two coming together but they have historically been connected with the collapse or crumbling of old, outmoded  or false structures and systems.

Another way of looking at it is the restructuring or re-strategising the way in which we work with Power.

Current societal & political systems, built upon post World War One principles and mentality are being seriously challenged and there is a collective yearning to awaken and restore society back into balance.

When this pair connect, things tend to get shaken up, as everything is tested for strength and resilience and everything that has been hidden or ignored is revealed. Structures that have been built on strong foundations will likely withstand the test, but those that haven’t, will likely not.”


Following on from that, this year, the major alignment is a square between SATURN AND URANUS which focuses on the polarities between the old and the new, traditional structures /governments versus the People, Restriction versus Liberation.

The old way does not work and hasn’t worked for hundreds of years.

We are experiencing the deconstruction, the death, of the old way of doing things, which is simply unsustainable.

The stark reality that is facing many millions of people around the world is that our governments do not care and are not invested in protecting or assisting us. Neither are they there for our good.  If you read or watch anything outside of the mainstream media, you will clearly see this.

THE TIME IS NOW – for each and every one of us to step into our sovereignty and stop waiting for somebody else to save us.

THIS IS THE TIME TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD to work together as the people, for the people and to stand up for our human rights.

We do not do this by closing our hearts and going to war with anyone, but by opening our hearts even more, standing together in the light, as one!

We do this by fully accepting everything, by releasing that which we need to release, by being fully present with ourselves and each other, by allowing it all and resisting nothing.

In closing, another little miracle happened on Monday when I pulled a card  out the incredible Divine Feminine pack by Meggan Watterson, which was also gifted to me a couple of years ago. Such wisdom here:



Akhilanda represents the essence of the phoenix; she’s the indestructible energy that embraces change. She knows that everything is conspiring to transform her into only more love and light.  She can never be broken, because she always is. She is the embodiment of what we try to avoid – the dissolution of our ego’s identity.  Her power is unparalleled. She radiates the potent light and joy that’s the goal of change, transformation or pain. There is very little written about her. She is meant to be known through experience. She is an intimate, interior goddess that we meet when we are in the darkest moments of grief and heartbreak.

She shows us where our energy is trapped, where we have been stifled in routines or others’ expectations of us. And she whispers the liberation we will experience once we let ourselves break open and allow the new expression of our Self to come blazing through. She reminds us that we always have the power to choose to see every event as yet another opportunity to become more light, to become more of the radiant soul we are here to be.

When your soul selects this card:

Many of us exert tremendous energy in the effort to not break of fall apart. We resist our grief. Our heartbreak. Or we deny the need to change, until the choice no longer feels like ours. Something sideswipes us in our ordinary life and shatters who we think we are an how we identify ourselves. Here’s what Akhilanda reminds us:

Vulnerability is our greatest strength. If we are always broken, we can never break.

She meets us in those moments when we feel most alone, most exposed, most afraid. She models how to thrive in the midst of change; she uses pain to joyfully and purposefully transform. She sees everything as an opportunity to release what isn’t serving her. And she knows that being broken isn’t a failure, or something we should avoid – it’s actually the whole point.

We are here to let our ideas of ourselves go up in flames, so that beneath the ashes, the soft core of who we truly are, arises. And so that we remember that its not the heart that ever breaks, it’s the ego. The heart only ever expands.

Soul voice meditation – What heartbreak can I see now as an opportunity to expand?

Intention: Everything happens for my liberation. I choose to become only more love

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  And with that I wish you adieu for now.  Take care! Focus on Love. You are supported… .always!

 Love Michelle

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