The Solar Eclipse July 2nd happens at about 9:15pm (in South Africa) in watery Cancer.  A Solar Eclipse happens when the Sun is overwhelmed by the Moon. In other words, the feminine vanquishes the masculine.    The light disappears and we are pulled into the darkness for a brief while. Even if we can’t see it, we can usually feel the energy. Eclipses happen in sets and have much longer lasting effects than normal new moons and full moons. The last time we had an eclipse at this degree was  July 2011, so you might find that whatever is arising now, is related in some way, to that time.

Eclipses always occur in the same signs as the nodes of the moon, which are on the Cancer/ Capricorn axis for another year. This is intensified by Pluto and Saturn heading towards a conjunction in January 2020 in Capricorn (opposite Cancer) and shines a spotlight not only for this month, but for the next year.


The directional focus for the month and year  is on nurturing, feelings, sensitivity, mothering, family, home and security.  As a result, this is a very good time to work with those needy little children that reside within each one of us and to re-parent ourselves on every level. Its best to be very present and attentive to the fears, insecurities and old conditioned beliefs that may arise this month, as if we were dealing with frightened children.

If your children or nieces and nephews came to you and said,  “I’m really scared” or “I’m very sad” , what would you say to them?  How would you nurture them? How would you support them?

Whatever you would say to them or do for them, do the same for yourself.

Above all this month, allow the water to cleanse, soften and nourish you.

Take time to really connect with what nurtures you and helps  you feel safe. It could be going into meditation, painting a picture, getting together with your special tribe and having a beautiful comforting meal, or perhaps running a hot bath, lying on the ground, allowing Mother Earth to hold you, or sitting quietly with a cup of tea and just connecting with the bigger you… the eternal you, the soulful you… the you that will be here  long after everything else has disappeared.


 With the eclipse being in a flowing aspect to Neptune, King of the Ocean and opposite to the stern teacher Saturn, we are being encouraged to surrender to and  flow with (Neptune) the feelings (Cancer) that are arising, and by doing so, rise to a higher level of consciousness and maturity (Saturn)

Imagine drifting along on your back in a turquoise sea… gentle sun on your face, soft nourishing water caressing your body… not a care in the world. You feel safe, held, nurtured, comfortable and connected to all that is… Bliss!

And then…. cue music…. The sky darkens a little, as a cloud passes over the sun and the air grows suddenly chilly. Before you know it, you’re in the grip of fear. There is an anxiety there that wasn’t there a moment ago, a fear that you aren’t as safe and supported as you were. Feeling this inner unease,  you start to swim, not realizing that you’re swimming against the current. It starts to become more and more difficult, until you realise that, if you continue like this, you might just drown.

You have no option other than to surrender and allow water to carry you, until the storm passes.

When flowing water … meets with obstacles on its path, a blockage in its journey, it pauses. It increases in volume and strength, filling up in front of the obstacle and eventually spilling past it.  Do not turn and run, for there is nowhere worthwhile for you to go. Do not attempt to push ahead into the danger … emulate the example of the water: Pause and build up your strength until the obstacle no longer represents a blockage.” Marsha Sinetar


 Man of us are asking…What will become of us?  What if we can’t earn the money we need to earn to support ourselves and our families? What if we can’t keep ourselves safe?  Or, for the very rich – what if we lose the wealth we’ve built?  I don’t think there’s anyone who isn’t feeling this on some level.

This month and this year, we’re being asked to really look at where we find our sense of security and stability from in this constantly changing world.

What is it that constitutes security for you? Is it your money, your job, your business, partner, family,  group of friends,  home?

Consider this for a few moments – What if …every single thing that you’ve always though provides you with security were to leave your life or change completely… what then?

Who would you be, without  the things that you own, without the people who love you, without your job, your roles, your home?  Difficult questions, I know, but each of us needs to find those answers for ourselves.

This month – keep asking

Where is my tap root right now?

Who  am I beyond all this?

Neptune in Pisces is gently coaxing us to find our security and stability from a deeper, more eternal source than before… to acknowledge the connection, magic and mystery that exists amongst all things and to trust it, which is not always easy!


This is one of the themes of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction that is currently building and that will become exact in January. This alignment  representsa giant shift for all of us and for the planet as a whole. Old security systems, old structures, old ways of being, are in the process of being completely transformed. That which we have always depended on to provide us with a sense of security is changing, whether we like it or not

The area that this will be most true for you personally will be the house of your chart where 21 to 23  degrees of Capricorn is situated. 


I’ll be  doing some talks around the country on this theme over the next few months. where we’ll be looking at how this affects us and how best we can consciously work with this energetic alignment. 

2nd July  – 7:15pm to 8:30pm – Glen Ashley Yoga Sanctuary 

49 Delaware Ave, Glen Ashley – R150 per person

12th July – 12:30 to 2pm  – Sacred Touch Health & Wellness Centre, Benoni

41 Kei Road , Farramere, Benoni – R150 per person

13th July – 14:00 to 15:30 -Crystal Geological Shop, Weltevreden 

2 Weltevreden Shopping Centre, Cnr Lobelia & Cockspur Roads, Weltevreden – R175 per person


If you would like to know where in your chart the Saturn Pluto conjunction form and where the changes are occurring, you might want to set up an update reading. Email me for details


This past weekend, a group of amazing souls gathered at the exquisite Rest & Digest in Gillitts for my Winter Art & Soul Retreat. We chatted,  laughed,  painted, were  nurtured with amazing food  prepared by Deborah and Matt and were able to  re-ignite our inner fires. What a privilege!. Thanks to  everyone who helped to make this happen. 

I will be running one more  Winter Retreat in the exquisite Hogsback in July. If you really want to replenish yourself, you might consider joining us. Its an easy 2 hour drive from East London and we still have space – Details below – or you can read more here. 


In life and Light


Rest    Reflect    Reconnect     Restore

There is no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel, slow down, and bring  your energy inward. Becoming more present with every breath, you drop into Source and  fully honour yourself and your true purpose of being here.

On this retreat you come home to yourself, by immersing yourself in the flow of your innate intuitive creativity. Guided meditations and heart opening music will lead you gently into your inner landscape, where you’ll rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


As a small group, with the focus on tending our inner fire,  we shall paint, make art in nature, play, journal, meditate, nurture ourselves with good wholesome food, cozy chats and long peaceful sleeps and then emerge…                          ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are.



Residential Retreat 

TIMES:     Friday 5pm to Sunday 3:30pm                       

COST:      R2850 per person  (excluding Accomodation) 


Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Intuitive Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations

Weather Permitting:
Labyrinth Meditation
Visit to Eco Shrine
Walk to the Waterfall
Fire Ceremony 


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 2 nights and get your 3rd night free.

Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

 There are, however, many different exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer. Self Catering options are  priced differently

Please contact The Edge reception to make your accommodation reservations and check for prices & availability and mention that you are booking for the workshop, so you can get a special rate.