Come home to your body, the ground of your soul,   Connect to the rhythm of Mother Nature. Re-experience your Creative Self  and the quiet, healing joy of simply “being” again

For the first time, Art & Soul meets Rest & Digest.

Deborah Prosser and I will be co-facilitating  this  Retreat at her beautiful venue  Rest & Digest in Gillitts.

So many of us live on high alert, seldom  allowing ourselves time  to TRULY rest and restore. Very often, in our  endless quest to get to the bottom or our  “to do” lists,  we just don’t manage to make time to fill our wells.

We also stop listening to our precious bodies, which is a little like sticking a piece of tape over your car’s warning light!

This weekend retreat offers the opportunity to slow down, to align body, mind  and  soul,  through the mediums of Expressive Art, Inspirational Music, Nourishing Food, Meditation, Breath-work  and Gentle Yoga.

Deborah will be sharing her extensive knowledge about how best we can nourish our bodies and get our digestion sorted out.  (scroll down for more details)

I will lead you through numerous art processes, including playing with clay, mandala and free flow painting/ mixed media collage, created with materials gathered from nature.

NO artistic experience is necessary.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to REST, DIGEST, and COME HOME TO YOU through ART & SOUL.

“Nourishing a withered soul and harnessing the vast well of Creative potential within requires time and a slowing down.. ”   Marian Woodman


By slowing right down,  tapping into and honouring our connection to Mother Earth, spending quality time in the HER AND NOW (no, that’s not a typo)  we honour the connection and bring healing to our precious bodies and to our lives.

As a small group, we shall Retreat, Release what we no longer need, Restore our bodies, minds and souls and pour the seeds of potential futures into the earth for nourishment.

We  will leave, rebooted, rested and ready to face the world in a more  balanced and centred way.

Our venue is the beautiful Rest & Digest

Our venue is the beautiful, centrally situated Rest & DIgest Retreat Centre, nestled in the  green hills of Gillitts, KZN.

Lovingly managed by owners Deborah and Matt Prosser, it offers a refreshing retreat from the bustle of city life. The venue is set in the midst of of gorgeous gardens, where permaculture farming practices are implemented.

This is an ideal place to recuperate from the stresses of life, with beautiful forest walks close by.


Includes everything except accomodation) Fully Inclusive – R2950

Fully Inclusive (2 nights) – R760 Per person sharing
Single Supplement – Email Deborah for details

For Workshop Enquiries, please contact Michelle
For Accomodation Enquiries please contact Deborah


The weekend includes:

Expressive Art Demo’s & Experiences- including all materials.

Visualisations, meditations, group sharing

2 yoga classes including breath work and meditation

Chilled “earthing” time in nature

Tuition and hands-on  preparing of healthy meals.

All delicious vegetarian meals, including gluten free options



Your Retreat Guides

Michelle McClunan

As a qualified Counselling Astrologer,  Life Coach, Artist, writer and all round Explorer of Life, Michelle uses a multi-faceted approach to help people understand themselves, navigate their lives and develop their true potential.

Michelle has attended workshops and retreats with some of the worlds leading Expressive and Process Art facilitators and  has been facilitating her own  Art & Soul Retreats and workshops for the past 10 years.  Michelle also conducts one-on-one process art and Astrology Coaching sessions

Deborah Prosser

Deborah is a Reflexologist, Colon Hydrotherapist and Kundalini Yoga teacher She has extensive practice and experience in using food as medicine; a broad knowledge of raw food preparation, healthy food preparation, fermentation, sprouting and micro-greens, permaculture gardening and living a sustainable, healthy lifestyle on a budget.

She facilitates workshops and retreats and coaches clients one-om-one,  providing them with spiritual and emotional support, as they make sustainable lifestyle changes


Being able to express my creativity and tap my inner-most process which is usually obliterated by day-to-day life, feeling infinitely safe and guided in the most compassionate and accepting manner – these are just a few of the things I truly love about the Art & Soul weekend retreats!  

This weekend was filled with warmth, support, expansion and many, many “aha!” moments for me. I left feeling energised, transformed and honoured to have been part of it all. I was surrounded by spiritual partners, who supported my growth and changes and saw through my fears and excuses, refusing to allow me to be anything less than Who I Really Am. This kind of interaction, creative expression and healing is exactly what the world needs now, more than ever, and my deepest gratitude goes to Michelle for making it a reality. 

Wendy Beresford

“I can honestly say that out of all the transformation and spiritual work I have done in the last 20 years this is the most profound.  The reason being that people (including me) process and transmute their “stuff” with such speed but also with such gentleness and in the most loving environment. And this happens without people having any intention even of processing stuff. It just happens in the most miraculous, soft and beautiful way. 

Michelle combines the most powerful meditations with free flow clay sculpture and art. It is art with no agenda, no required outcome except to be 100% present and in the moment and to enjoy. The retreat is also punctuated with beautiful walks, free flow movement, energy healing work or whatever seems to be “right” in the moment.  

Antoinette McInnes