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INTUITIVE,  EXPRESSIVE ART has been part of my life’s journey  for as long as I can remember and is a passion that I like to share as widely as I can. 

I facilitated my  very first  Art  & Soul Workshop 19 years ago and have been running  WORKSHOPS,  CLASSES and SEASONAL RETREATS  consistently   since 2010.

Integrating my love for ART and ASTROLOGY, each workshop is lightly  themed to align with the Astrological energies of the time.

Through  spontaneous/ intuitive painting, mixed media collage, mandala’s, clay-work,  visualisation  and music, I will teach you  how to allow simple colour and imagery to flow through  you, without judgement or expectations.

By re-connecting with your innate creativity, you open up the channel to your soul’s wisdom and access the true potential which resides within you.  You will also reconnect with your inner artist and, after a while,  develop your own unique style.

This is “process driven” art,  which means there is no attachment to the outcome.

The more childlike you can be, the better, so therefore, absolutely no artistic experience is necessary.


5th to 7th July -Residential Retreat 




There’s no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel,slow down and bring  your energy inward.

By becoming more present, you  start to re-member the disconnected parts of yourself, reconnect with and re-ignite the Spark of Life within you and honour your true purpose of being here.

As part of  a small group, through guided meditations,  time spent in nature, heart opening music and various art processes,       you will  be lead gently into your inner landscape, where  you will  rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the, colours images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


With Fascinating element of Fire as our theme, we shall:







We shall honour and nourish ourselves with delicious, wholesome food and cozy chats and then emerge… 

                        ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are!



 Residential Retreat 

Hidden away in a secluded valley in the heart of the Overberg is Hearth  & Soul Eco Farm,  a special place of magic & beauty, that nurtures growth & creativity

Situated halfway between Stanford and Napier in the delightful Sandy’s Glen area, this beautiful retreat is just under 2 hours’ drive from Cape Town, and 50km from Hermanus.

With 220 hectares of  spectacular fynbos mountainside, a fairy-tale poplar forest,   picturesque dams and a pristine river running through indigenous wetlands, this the perfect place to escape to.   


A R T  &  S O U L –   I N T U I T I V E    A R T    E X P E R I E N C E 

Artistically, over the two days of the retreat, I will demonstrate how to use different 

artistic mediums in new and creatively intuitive ways.

   On the first day,  we will release whatever might be blocking our INNER FLAME through some powerful processes.

I will  teach you some incredible, textured  flow techniques, during which you will completely immerse

yourself into the flow of your innate creativity!

On the second day I will show you how to create a mandala or to work more deeply with, integrate and understand your artworks.  

T H E     D E T A I L S  



Friday 5th July 5pm to Sunday 7th July  3:30pm


R3750 per person sharing  (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 30 May and pay R3450

R3950 per person single    (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before  30 May and pay R3700       


Full Catering – all meals, teas and coffees

Accommodation – single or sharing as above 

Art & Soul Workshop and materials

Art Demonstrations

Guided Visualisations

Making Art in Nature

Fire Ceremony (weather permitting)

 Check out Hearth and Soul Here    



“I was lying in bed this morning reflecting on my various artworks which have emerged from our ART & SOUL workshops (I have them dotted around my room for this very purpose). This way I can check in with where I’m at, how much I’m embodying and living/manifesting the various lessons – being in the flow, being open to abundance, being rooted, trusting etc. Really just want to thank you Mish for introducing and facilitating this aspect in my life. The art workshops have been integral to my spiritual growth and finding and maintaining my soular power. I’m so glad I found you. The work you do and the space you offer are so important. I am very grateful.”  TD


You are an incredible facilitator. I was amazed at how skillfully you helped everyone to really “drop in” and connect with what they needed to process and get in touch with in order to move forward into this year … and then to also set actionable steps. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and also really felt like I connected with something at a very deep and subtle level. LW

I know that what I got from the workshop with you, I couldn’t have found any other way.  The inspired intention I now have is uplifting and inspiring. Thinking my way to this just isn’t possible. So powerful to step into a creative, open-hearted space and come away with so much.  Michelle you truly gifted!’  CS

 Loved the workshop!  felt like I had had a weekend away. Being creatively present all day is quite something when you really think about it, but there’s some expressional magic coming through that is so compelling – perhaps it’s like reading a story – one is held turning the pages of the book, to journey to the end of it, to see how it turns out. One never know what will come through on that piece of paper at the end, so there is magic and surprise in whatever materialises! Thanks again Michelle – never doubt you are doing such valuable work! LR 

I still remember walking into your cottage a broken person and you were so much part of my healing. In fact you were the start. What a process it has been. SH

I went to a few offered lessons -OMG were they awesome! This is healing art! I got so so much out of my month of lessons. She is one beautiful soul…..I hope to keep a friendship with her,as she is deep, uplifting and one of the most very special people I have come across. If u want spiritual healing and creativity fun, call me or private box her. Stunning woman- inside and out! I wish her everything good KSM

“The joy of being playful and creative without fear of censure was an unforgettable and inspiring experience. I left feeling light and happy and felt reconnected to my inner being.   SN

“I so enjoyed the course and am looking forward to using the knowledge gained at home, working at my own pace and when and as I want to. I feel I gained a lot, not only directly related to the course, but how to look, as my husband would say … ‘through the bush, not at it!’ Rosemary

HUGE heart-thank-you’s for an amazing day and spectacular workshops. My vision board is stuck on my en-suite bathroom door and I really drink it in first thing in the morning and also see it several times a day.  It fills me with such a sense of excitement and joy – the colours alone light  me up each time.



HUGE heart-thank-you’s for an amazing day and spectacular workshops. My vision board is stuck on my en-suite bathroom door and I really drink it in first thing in the morning and also see it several times a day. It fills me with such a sense of excitement and joy – the colours alone light me up each time.

 Thank you SO much for the workshop. I really feel that something has been unlocked and that the visual journalling was key in doing that.  I had a dream that same night and I sat up and tried to analyse or just see what it all meant…. it def had to do with things that came out of the journalling process. Its all quite wonderful. I feel like something has been lifted and I am embracing this sense of lightness and letting go  its like a wonderful little ball of wool unrolling and I can now stretch and be free! So thanks so much for being a part of this journey and for helping to unlock something in me. TH

these groups are relaxed and inspirational. You have to try one to “get it”. Seriously no art training necessary. Great fun and time to be creative, as Michelle gently guides the way into your own personal journey.” TC

I really enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. I continued to process stuff mentally over the weekend. It was a great form of expressing what’s in our inner being through art. It was ‘me’ time and that was what was good. We rarely give ourselves that time, especially to get in touch with the real you. It was also great meeting like-minded folk who share the same interests. I will certainly continue using the technique for my inner healing. RN

I had no idea what to expect from the Workshop and it was great. Thank you for putting it across so well. The entire experience was so nurturing. I feel it is a technique that will totally help to process feelings and emotions as well as centre one, in any situation. All one has to do is practice the techniques when required. DE (Fine artist)

You are a beautiful woman, with such a gift – thank you for sharing yourself, your home and your heart with all of us. LW

“Thanks so much for Saturday, I loved the intimate atmosphere you created, your method & found the entire day enlivening.The group of women were so diverse but with many commonalities, I loved getting to know each person.Your guided visualisation meditation was so evocative, powerful & moving, I could have sat there all day & done just that! ” Holly“

Thanks so much for a really stunning workshop yesterday! I so enjoyed it & loved the painting & creating of our vision boards. Thanks for having us all in your very lovely home & for all your special care, energy & input throughout the sessions – it was such a treat of a day!…it was like a divine like oasis/holiday after a crazy busy week. And it was really great to meet you. Hope you have a good rest of the weekend “. Lindsay

These groups are relaxed and inspirational. You have to try one to “get it”. Seriously no art training necessary. Great fun and time to be creative, as Michelle gently guides the way into your own personal journey.” TC