by Michelle McClunan

This is a longer post than normal, because I’m going to discuss not only the Full moon on the 7th May, but also the retrograde season, which is happening now, will intensify in the next couple of weeks and will last until September/ October.

This Full Moon and the Retrograde Season is like a truth serum!


On 7th May we have a Full Super Moon in the deeply intense, investigative sign of Scorpio, a highly complex, misunderstood and sometimes feared sign, usually associated with power and the shadow world.

What many people don’t understand, is that Scorpio has three different symbolic associations –   the Scorpion, who defensively and somewhat aggressively exercises power through instinct, biting you on the foot without a moments’ hesitation;  the Eagle, who sees all, discerns hidden motives, discovers deeper truths beneath the surface of life and exercises power through observation;  and the Dove of Peace, who  observes compassionately without judgement and exercises power through love, healing and transformation.

We will be hosting a FULL MOON MEDITATION on 6th May on Facebook Live from 7:30pm to 8pm. Scroll down for details.   A recording will be on Facebook afterwards, in case you miss it.  This is where you’ll find it  Scroll down to the bottom


Full moons are always a time of culmination and closure, often revealing what is hidden beneath the surface. With this one happening in Scorpio, it really shines a light on the mysteries. You might have been feeling this energetically or emotionally for the last few days. The full moon is fortunately in a  flowing aspect to Neptune, which provides an opening for the Divine to flow in, bringing  awareness to what needs to be released and washing away the sludge – you could see it as an emotional/ energetic detox.

This moon is anything but superficial (Scorpio never is) and with her ruler (Pluto) being retrograde right now (more below), we are being asked to mount an even deeper investigation into ourselves.


We are now officially entering Retrograde Season. Pluto has already been retrograde since. He will be followed by Saturn on the 11th May, Venus on 14th May and Jupiter on 16th May.

This happens  when planets appear (from our perspective) to be moving backwards and is always a time when we are urged to slow down, reflect, and to develop patience, resilience and perseverance – which is something ALL of us can relate to right now. It’s a big fat karmic call to grow up.


By now, those of you who have been reading my blogs or watching my videos will know a bit about the major alignments that are happening this year (for most of the year)

Broadly, this is probably the biggest call we’ve ever had in our lifetimes to embrace a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of working with power and with the perceived shadow.

Both Saturn and Pluto  deal with the shadow, but  in different ways. It’s interesting how we try to avoid that pesky dark thing that follows us around everywhere we go.  Crazy really, because as soon as we stand in the light, there it is!  Actually, have you ever considered – the brighter the light, the bigger the shadow?   There are a multitude of gifts to be found in our dark bits, as long as we’re prepared to shine the light into them.

This is a time, like NEVER before when we are called upon to anchor and shine the light, no matter what and in despite of, whats going on in our outside world.

PLUTO RETROGRADE  27 April to 6 October

During a Pluto retrograde period, issues around power, control, sexuality and unconscious patterns and fears can be revealed. As I’ve written about before, with Pluto being in Capricorn, this has to do with our structures, our relationship with money and  our sense of security. Globally, it has to do with Government/ big business/ capitalist structures and systems, many of which, are in the process of crumbling.

Personally, the area in you chart and life that will be most affected by this will be the house where 22 to 24 degrees of Capricorn is situated.

Questions to ask over the full moon and the next 5 months

  • Where do you feel manipulated or controlled?
  • Where and how do you manipulate or control?
  • Where do you feel dis-empowered and how do you dis-empower yourself and others?
  • Where do you feel empowered and how do you empower yourself and others?
  • What do you think about most on any given day? This is what you’re feeding your power to.
  • What, in your life needs to be released, or changed, in order for something else to be reborn?
  • What are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis about security, money, power, manipulation?

Keep reading for a technique to deal with this.


Saturn recently moved into Aquarius on 22nd March, which lined up almost exactly when we started moving into lock-down – astrologically – Saturn (limitation/ restriction) of our Freedom, liberties (Aquarius)… honestly you can’t even  make this stuff up!

He will retrograde back into Capricorn on 2nd July and will stay there for his whole Retrograde journey this year, which will be reinforcing the lessons we have been learning over the last few months. The teacher planet is a master at highlighting exactly where our fears are and asks that we bring more maturity, conscious awareness and responsibility into our lives, to reflect on self-imposed and external limitations and become compassionate parents to ourselves.

If we experience what might feel like a betrayal during this time, we need to ask where we might have betrayed either ourselves or somebody else and what it may be teaching us.

Other questions to ask:

  • Where are you over-critical or merciless on yourself or others?
  • How do you handle stress, responsibilities and the practicalities of life?
  • How committed are you to what you really want to do and how might you be sabotaging yourself?
  • Where do you push yourself beyond your limits and what are the consequences?
  • How do you deal with hard knocks and problems in your daily life?

For those of you who have a copy of your charts and who understand a bit about astrology, you will feel the effects of this retrograde period mostly in the houses where 25 degrees of  Capricorn and 1 degree Aquarius are.


Jupiter turns retrograde on 16 May and only turns direct on 14th September. The giant planet spends all this time in Capricorn, expanding and amplifying the energy I have described above, as he moves in close proximity to Pluto and Saturn for most of the year.

In addition to this, Jupiter is the truth seeker and asks that we maturely, with discernment, look more deeply at the narrative that surrounds us from other people and from the media and intuitively feel into what is true for us.

The love/ money planet Venus also turns retrograde on 14 May and turns direct again on 26 June. Being in Gemini, she will be asking us to look at how we communicate with ourselves and our significant others, to re-look at the stories we tell ourselves (or others tell us) and ask what is true.


Over the next 4 to 5 months, we are being asked (without judgement) to observe our unconscious knee-jerk reactions, as well as the stories we tell ourselves. When you think about it, pain and struggle usually arise when we attach a story to a particular event.


FACT – “The rain is leaking through my roof. On its own, there is no pain, no struggle. It’s just a factual statement. A child might even see it as a joyful event!

STORY – The pain enters when our minds start to tell us stories about the leaking roof and starts to spiral out of control.   For example: “It wasn’t installed properly in the first place;  I told Blogs to fix it – he never listens; Men! They always break their promises;  I’m not able to cope with all these responsibilities;  This house is falling to bits; I don’t have the money, time or knowledge to fix it; I’m useless.…and on and on it goes, until we’re right in the middle of an almighty struggle with ourselves and life itself.

As we spiral further and further down into our stories, we often start to feel more and more overwhelmed and disgruntled.   However, when we can engage the wisdom of the  mature teacher (Saturn) and the eagle observer Pluto, we  become aware of our stories and are able to more quickly detach from the drama.

I find this technique very useful, complements of Brene Brown. As soon as you start to go into reaction mode, stop and say to yourself – “The story I’m telling myself is….”. Once you observe it, you see that it’s just a story and that you have the choice to find out  if its true or not and to disengage from it if its not.

This works really well in relationships too, provided you can catch yourself before you go into defence or attack mode (which could happen around this Full Moon) . Try starting the sentence with “the story I’m telling myself is”. If we’re not able to find the observer, our stories and struggles can feel like a never-ending looped recording during these times.


If you would like more clarity on how these alignments are playing out in your chart or you need some assistance in shining a light into those dark patches, you might want to  book an update session with me.  See below or email me for details.


If  you’d like to see how the current energies are playing out in your personal chart and receive assistance in navigating them, you might want to book an update Astro-coaching session.

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We hosted a FULL MOON MEDITATION on 6th May on Facebook Live. We chatted about the current astrology and ended with a ten minute meditation. The energies  of the Full Moon are still very much active until the 8th May. Click the image below to watch/ listen


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