Winter Solstice 21st June

We welcome the Winter Solstice on 21st June, which means that in the Southern Hemisphere we have the shortest day and the longest night of the year. (This is obviously reversed in the Northern Hemisphere). From now on, we’ll see a gradual increase of sunlight until the Sun once again reaches its peak in December. Roll on Summer!

Often known as Yule, the Winter Solstice is historically seen as the time when the Sun is reborn out of the darkness, which is celebrated by many cultures throughout the world. To give thanks to the Sun for providing us with light and sustenance, we can light candles around our homes or gather with friends and family around beautiful bonfires.

The Winter Solstice essentially marks the beginning of a new growth cycle and coincides with the Sun’s entry into fertile Cancer, making this a good time to  connect with our feelings, family, the feminine and the home. It marks a quiet, soulful time,  bringing the urge to retreat or even  hibernate a little and then, from that silent  alone place, ask the big questions and listen!

Even if you miss the solstice, its still worthwhile doing this! 


What would you like to release?

An easy and effective ritual to do at the Solstice is to spend a little time reflecting on the past year, writing down anything you would like to release and then surrendering the paper into the fire.

What, in your life needs to burn?

Is it fear? Fear of your own power, fear of change, fear of loss, fear of others? Or perhaps it’s your difficulty in nourishing and loving yourself?  This could be accompanied by crippling cycnicism, a sense of shame, eternal dissatisfaction, lack of trust, physical or emotional pain,  the continual need to please others or perhaps a  deep and abiding anger? Or something else?

Whatever it is, allow it to drift up into your awareness with complete, non-judgemental love and acceptance. Then write it down, feed the paper into the fire and watch it burn!  This is alchemy!

What would you like to manifest?

Now, take a few beautiful belly breaths and imagine what you would really like to bring into your life?

Feel into it, visualise it,  allow it to move through you. Dance it, paint it, talk about it and/or write it down.  Then light the paper and watch as it burns and  transforms to smoke. Blow the ash into the air,  sending your intentions into the Universe.

With the Sun in the Cardinal Water sign of Cancer, the soil of the soul is rich and fertile right now and with the  moon in her waxing phase, this is a powerful time to plant those seeds of intention !

 Mars going retrograde and a Grand Cross!

We also have a few planets in retrograde right now, and Mars will join them on 29th June, all the way through to 31st August.  Mars is the planet of ACTION and when he turns Retrograde, he asks us to consider how we are using or abusing our energy and whether we can find a better way. This  Mars Retrograde season could also bring up old anger and issues with the masculine that need to be worked with.  More about this in my next blog!

Retrograde cycles  always  encourage us to reflect, review, reconsider and feel into the areas in our lives where we would like to bring about renewal and those which need nurturing.

The astrological weather is somewhat sticky at the moment, with a great big Grand Cross pattern in the heavens, so we’re ALL in need of finding that place of quiet, amidst our busyness.

Solar Return

Each year, the sun returns to the same position it was on the day you were born. This is called your Solar Return, which is why we wish people Many happy Returns on their birthday. After you’ve had your natal chart done, its a good idea to have an update once a year. This is a stand alone chart, which gives you a weather report for the year ahead. Referring to this during the year, will help you to stay on track with your Soular Power.  We will also look at transits and progressions to your  Natal Chart, which remains your fundamental Astrological blueprint.


I’m very excited to be running a workshop and a retreat in Durban in  August, both created to help you to tune into and celebrate the Feminine

“Come home to your body, the ground of your soul, Connect to the rhythm of Mother Nature.
Re-experience your Creative Self and the quiet, healing joy of simply “being” again”

9TH AUGUST – (WOMENS DAY) Celebrating Women – One Day Workshop – Gillitts, KZN

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10TH TO 12TH AUGUST – Come Home to you – Weekend Retreat – Gillitts, KZN

This weekend retreat offers the opportunity to slow down, to align body, mind  and  soul,  through the mediums of Expressive Art, Inspirational Music, Nourishing Food, Meditation, Breath-work  and Gentle Yoga.  I’m delighted to be co-hosting this one with Deborah Prosser of Rest & Digest.

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In Love and Light