New Moon August

September bursts into bloom  with a Super New Moon on August 30th in the practical, fertile earth sign of Virgo, along with the Sun and all three personal planets – Mercury, Venus AND Mars (which is rather unusual).

Virgo is all about differentiating, discerning and strategising. It’s the sign that focuses on separating the wheat from the chaff, protecting and preserving our individual bodies and planet earth and helps us to put systems and routines in place to serve them. You will feel this energy more if you have  the Sun, Moon or Ascendant in Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. 

There are also three more planets in Earth signs (which is even more rare). 

New moons are always a time to plant new seeds, but this one is particularly fertile, feminine one, with a beautiful sky pattern called a Grand Earth Trine heightening the powers of manifestation and serving as a portal to better health, creativity  and very possibly, unexpected abundance.

Mars, the masculine planet of action, is on one side of this New Moon, giving us a hand in putting our creative goals into action in a practical, focused way.

Venus is right there too, bringing her beauty, love and creativity to the mix. Perhaps it’s time to dust off that old guitar, resurrect your painting materials, get your dancing shoes out or plan a beautiful dinner for two with your lover.

The combination of Mars and Venus reminds us that action, fused with love, beauty and creativity can be harnessed to service something greater.

With all these Virgo planets in a flowing trine to Uranus in Taurus, innovative solutions become apparent and accessible, if we take the time to listen. It is perfectly fine to have big visions, but we need commitment and focus too.

Mercury, which rules communication and the rational mind, enters Virgo just before the new moon and will spend 2 weeks in his own sign. This strengthens our strategic, analytical abilities, provides us with more logic and helps us to  communicate more clearly.

With all this beautiful earth energy, it’s as if the Universe is giving us the green light to put our ideas into action, step by step in a practical way!


First, there might be some clearing to do – think of it as weeding the soil of your soul, in preparation for a brand new crop of growth which begins with the Spring equinox on 23rd September (in the Southern Hemisphere).

If you are feeling overwhelmed, as if your weeds are choking you, perhaps it’s time to engage this Virgo energy to help you to cut and trim. Revisit and review your visions and  commitments and ask whether they’re still relevant and worthy of your energy or whether it’s time to let them go, to make room for the new.

Take an inventory of the time you spend on your phone, computer or in front of the tv and whether you’re leaving enough space to just “be” in the present, which is the most fertile place to hang out.

This really is an excellent time to detox, purge or de-clutter your home, work-space, mind  or body, in order to clear the way for the new. With Virgo being ruled by Mercury, the planet of the mind, we are more attuned to our mind/ body /soul connection at this time and can more easily observe our thought patterns, emotions and habitual reactions and practically start to release those that aren’t serving us.


It might be necessary for us to dig up the soil around this New Moon, to find out what’s sitting beneath the surface, that might be blocking or preventing new growth.  The next few weeks represent a growth portal and as we know, growth can be uncomfortable, if not downright painful. However the discomfort that is hiding beneath the surface is possibly  pointing out what needs to be shifted and has the potential to mould us into more mature, responsible and hopefully wiser beings. .With this much Virgo around, we do  need to be aware of  criticism,  perfectionism and anxiety and self doubt.  Just a reminder –  striving to do something 100% perfectly can sometimes hold us back from doing it at all!  What if  90% was good enough?


Over the next lunar month, we’re being provided with the opportunity of implementing  new physical, mental, spiritual habits and routines.

Habits are sets of automatic thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are acquired through repetition. Do something… anything – positive or negative- for long enough and it becomes hard wired.

Making one small change in our routine or replacing one negative thought with a positive one, really can and does shift everything.  Simply starting your day with some quiet time and a few positive affirmations can work wonders to shift old patterns.


If you would like to understand how  and where the current alignments are impacting you personally, you need to look to the houses where  they fall in your birth chart. These are the areas in your life that are generally magnified and sensitised and brought into the light during these times. 

You are most welcome to schedule a session to work with me on this, to optimize the learning. Read more here or email me for more information


I’ll be running a workshop at Rest & Digest in Gillitts,  KZN over the weekend of the 21st September to prepare for the Spring Equinox on the 23rd and to work with the Sun’s final days in Virgo

The  equinox is the day when day and night are of equal length all over the world – a  real balancing point between dark and light / death and rebirth / old and new. Trees and plants begin new cycles of growth, butterflies emerge, birds remember their songs and Mother Nature leads us into a new cycle of light, life and new beginnings. The Spring Equinox  encourages us to bring balance to our lives, by clearing out what no longer serves us and welcoming renewal!

Join us and Spring Clean your Soul ! I still have some spaces left.


John Homewood will be running a very powerful, transformational workshop the week before (14th & 15th September) – also in Gillitts,  called Awakening to Flow.  If you feel as if you’re paddling upstream in your life and would like to clear away old mental cobwebs and align with your natural inspired flow state, I highly recommend this workshop.


Deborah and her team at Rest & Digest will be offering a full 10 DAY RE-SET DETOX PROGRAMME, to help you clean up your internal environment and break destructive habits.


In Life and Light