Full moon September 13th /14th is in Pisces, with lots of deeply feminine earth and water, very little fire and no air whatsoever.  On one hand, this energy can feel thick and heavy, a bit like wading through mud. We might feel a bit confused, or overwhelmed by responsibilities, worries or duties. On the other hand, with no air, which is the element of the mind, this is a real opportunity to reduce the busyness, quieten and connect more deeply with our innate knowing, our intuition and our creativity.  This is a powerful time when sacred truths will be revealed if we are open to receiving them.


In addition to the Sun, we have three personal planets in Virgo opposing the moon, which is in a tight embrace with Neptune, King of the Ocean. This creates quite the polarity, with Virgo striving to make order out of chaos, by focussing on logic, responsibilities, duties, service, routine and health and Pisces… well, Pisces… is just chilling out there, being one with the ocean, happy to surrender and go with the flow.

It can sometimes be a little tricky to find the balance between these two – the centre point between doing and being; striving and surrendering.  Often, in our society, we get caught up with all the stuff that needs to be done, people to be seen, emails to be returned, tasks to be completed, decisions to be made and routines to be adhered to.  There’s nothing wrong with any of this, but when we spend all our time in that place, the soil of our souls becomes dry and brittle. We can land up feeling frustrated, stressed and uninspired. We might even slip into hopelessness or despair, asking what the point of it all is.  


The Pisces theme of this full Moon is here to remind us that we are spirits having a human experience and not the other way around.  We have bodies, we have minds, we have roles and we have souls, but none of those give us an accurate depiction of who we really are.  So often I ask clients how they nourish the spiritual side of their lives and they tell me that they don’t generally have time to pay much attention to that at all.  Too much to do, they tell me.  Too many responsibilities.  Really?  Consider this:  What if … we come in with an inner purpose and an outer purpose. And what if… the inner purpose of incarnating onto this planet is to become healed (whole), to awaken and to raise our level of consciousness.  What if… we made that the priority and then set our sights on our outer purpose from that place?   


What if, just for the day, or the weekend, you surrendered your worries, concerns, stresses and your to-do lists to the Universe?  Would the world fall apart? Probably not! This full moon has the potential to remind us that, even though we think we’re in control, we aren’t and that maybe, just maybe, the Universe has a better plan than we do.

For some of us, the energy around this full moon can feel as if we’re adrift at sea without a fog light, but there is a light – it’s just not always obvious. Neither is it outside of us.  The light that guides our way resides inside us, right at the core of who we are. When we connect with that and surrender to it, the way starts to emerge, without a whole lot of doing by us.

But here’s the rub… us human doings just aren’t socialised that way. Most often we’re taught that in order to get anywhere, we need to know exactly where we’re going and then push and struggle and strive to get there.

Maybe not.

What if we surrendered a bit of the control, took our hands off the steering wheel for a while each day and just drifted on the deep blue ocean of allness. Surrender is often seen as a dirty word in our culture. But when we surrender, we don’t give up, or just lie there like dead fish. We respond to the rhythms of the ocean, we swim, we float, we inter-act and we respond. We are part the allness, but we’re not trying to control it.

If you’re feeling despondent, confused, or water-logged,  allow the Virgo energy to help you to bring some structure and routine into your life, to align you with your inner purpose.


You might want to try some of these to navigate this energy:

  • Set up a sacred private place in your home – maybe decorate it with some precious items that remind you of who you actually are.
  • Visit this place every day, even for a few minutes, to connect with the deeper, real essence of who you are.
  • Find a pretty container. Write down anything that is really worrying you (daily if necessary) on a piece of paper and hand it over to a higher power by placing it in the jar.
  • If you are presented with an inspiring idea at this time, take one positive action each day towards bringing it to life.
  • Start your day, every day with a few minutes of silence, or listen to an inspiring audio meditation. This will change the energy of your day.

By balancing times of action with times of rest, we nourish the soil of our doing with the water of our being, enter a state of flow and allow the new can arise.

Let go of the shore, and let the water carry you.
Let go of the shore, float into the mystery
You have all you need, it’s all inside of you.
Close your eyes and breathe and know that you are safe
Lyrics to the song Let go of the Shore, by Karen Drucker – click here to listen

 John  Homewood and I will be visiting Durban for 10 days, where we will be running workshops and doing some talks. Please scroll down for details. 

 In Life and Light



I have been consulting for 15 years as  a qualified Counselling Astrologer and Life Coach . My comprehensive readings open the door to deeper understanding and insight into yourself and help to illuminate the meaning and purpose of your life. They also help you to  navigate the current energies that are playing out collectively and personally. 

We are currently experiencing huge planetary alignments,  which are calling on us to shift more than ever before.  If you would like to see how this is interacting with your personal chart, contact me to set up a consultation.



Join me as we prepare to welcome the Spring Equinox, the balancing point between dark and light / death and rebirth / old and new. Trees and plants begin new cycles of growth, butterflies emerge, birds remember their songs and Mother Nature leads us into a new cycle of light, life and new beginnings. In this Art & Soul workshop, through  intuitive/ transformative art, we will clear that which no longer serves us and welcome renewal. Click here For more details

I still have a couple of places left.  If you cannot attend the whole weekend, let me know if you would like to join us on the first day Email me for details

In AWAKENING TO FLOW, John will offer teachings and practical tools to help you transcend the compulsive thinking and worrying mind that keeps you from creating a better world. This workshop will deepen your experience of FLOW and “space consciousness,” 

A life changing mind and spirit invigorating transformative experience, which clears away  old mental cobwebs and invites fresh new potential of Spring into your life.

There are still a few places left. For more details or to book contact Cathy on 082 819 0527 or email 


I’ll be introducing you to the ancient Art of Astrology and how you can use it as a tool to navigate your life. I will also explain the major planetary alignments that are currently forming, how they are likely to impact us and how best to work with and integrate them into our lives. SATURN & PLUTO, the planets of power and control, come together every 33–38 years, and when they do, their meeting has a deep impact on us personally and on  the world at large. 

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John Homewood will discuss  healing at four levels, with a special focus on optimising our body’s ability to prevent and/or heal disease.

• Body (physical health, diet and supplements);
• Mind (mind-body emotional connection);
• Soul (energy)
• Spirit (transpersonal & miraculous healing)

Booking/enquiries: RSVP: Cathy 082 819 0527

John Homewood will be presenting an evening in which he will illuminate FLOW STATE  and guide participants into experiencing it. Tapping the flow is vital for transitioning these challenging times with stability and inner peace.

 VENUE: : REST & DIGEST 22 Minerva Drive, Gillitts
FRI 13 Sept 6pm – 8pm
Cost: R150 – free for those attending the full weekend
RSVP cathy@johnhomewood.net   WhatsApp 082 819 0527