Full Moon December 3rd – As the end of yet another year draws to a close and we find ourselves immersed in the festive season,  let’s take a few moments to consider the year and all it has held, before we go scuttling off on another journey around that golden sun of ours.

We have the biggest SUPER MOON (full moon) of the year on Saturday 3rd December at  11 degrees Gemini (the sign of communication), on the same day that the ruler of Gemini, Mercury (the planet of communication) stations at the same degree as Saturn, before turning retrograde the next day.

The winged messenger will be retrograde until 24th December, so be sure to back up all your data and be very clear in all your communications – written or verbal.

On the one hand, this is a light hearted,  busy,  communicative, optimistic full moon – much like this time of the year is on the surface, with all the bells and gifts and  fairy lights and  Christmas cheer.

But there’s more this year. Saturn, the inner parent brings a dose of seriousness and commitment to the mix. Old Chronos (Saturn) can be a real party pooper, a finger-wagging, stern,  parental voice, taking up residence in our heads. He can tell us, in no uncertain terms what we’ve done wrong, how little we’ve achieved or where we’re failing in our lives.

Or, he can be more of a kind-hearted parent, who has our best interests at heart and helps us to enter into a dialogue with ourselves and others, to assess and COMPLETE the year, with a good solid dose of maturity, sprinkled with tenderness.

And then there’s Neptune, who is doing a square dance with the full moon. Neptune couldn’t be more different to Saturn. Where Saturn is all about reality and rules and commitment, Neptune is about utopian visions, dreams, boundarylessness and flow.

For me, this  Full moon is asking us to re-view what we’re really  passionate or curious about now and then re-align, so that our actions align with our dreams.

In the video (above) I discuss this in more detail and explore Passion, Purpose and Curiosity!

 Lets make those dreams a reality in 2018

In LIfe and Light


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