As we prepare to bring 2017 to a close, the New Moon December 18th in Sagittarius, gifts us with a quiver full of fiery arrows, just itching to be set free!

On the day of the New Moon, there will be no less than six planets in fire signs, five of which are in Sagittarius –- The Sun, Moon, Saturn,  Venus (the planet of love and money) and Mercury, who turns direct on 24th December after a few weeks of being retrograde.

In addition to all of this, the New Moon aligns with the Galactic Centre, the rotational centre of the Milky Way, an exceptionally potent  energetic or informational source. When planets are aligned with this point, as they are right now, we earthlings are being provided with a unique opportunity to considerably upgrade our spiritual evolution.

New Moon is always about beginnings, planting new seeds, and setting intentions for the new Lunar Cycle. This New Moon in Sagittarius is about exploring, seeking and imagining and encourages us to tune in and stretch ourselves into the light.

Sagittarius is a Mutable (restless/seeking) Fire sign, the Archer/ Centaur / half man/ half beast, his ruler Jupiter, expansive, abundant, prosperous and hugely impactful.

Inspirational, optimistic, enthusiastic, the Archer is designed to shoot for the stars! However, if left to his own devices, he can overextend himself and scatter his seeds too thin, so that they don’t take root. With the wise teacher Saturn standing guard right next to the New Moon, we’re provided with some much needed grounding, commitment, control, common sense and discipline. Also known as Father Time or Chronos, Saturn’s role is to ensure that our arrows are sharpened and sorted, so that when we’re ready to fire them, we know that they’re aligned with our integrity and will meet their mark.


A bit of trivia – did you know that the word “sin” was an old archery term that meant “missing the mark?.”   Saturn is standing by to ensure that we don’t!

When the sun made its way through Scorpio last month, we were urged to explore the deeper waters of our souls, to    reveal and  transform the treasures hidden beneath the surface, in order to align more closely with our truth. Now as Sol traverses Sagittarius, we are ready to take that learning and start aiming our arrows outwards, with consideration and precision.

With Sagittarius being a great networker, this is also an opportunity to engage with people and situations that will support you in achieving your goals. With Venus in the mix, it’s a good time to  take your relationships to a more serious level. For those who aren’t involved, it could mean that you meet somebody new!

The other big and powerful happening in the next couple of weeks is the upcoming SUMMER SOLSTICE (in the Southern Hemisphere) on the 21st December and this one is more potent than normal – keep reading!

A lovely ritual you can do at the solstice, is to write down anything you want to release from the year and surrender it into a candle flame or a bonfire. Remember that fire transmutes and transforms, changing what was, into something else.

Then – write down your hopes and wishes for the next year onto another piece of paper. Light it and watch as the paper transforms to smoke, carrying your intentions out into the Universe.  Or be creative and make some arrows or paper aeroplanes and send them off into the ether.


And there’s more – On the day of the Solstice, which is when the Sun  moves into Capricorn, Saturn does too – for the first time since 1870. Saturn will stay  in Capricorn for 3 years and will most certainly bring about complete global and personal economic restructuring.  Crypto currencies are already changing our monetary system and there is likely to be more of that in the years to come!

On a personal level, the house in which 1 degrees Capricorn resides in your chart will be the area in your life where you will be planting new seeds and re-structuring.

More about this in the new Year.

To make the most of the Capricorn energy in January and to  help to ensure that those arrows are shooting in the right directions, you might want to consider doing a Vision Board Workshop with me in January (13th or 20th January)  Vision boards really work folks, particularly when they’re aligned with our truth and have action steps incorporated in them. . See below for details or if you don’t receive my newsletter, email me on

Thank you all for reading my ramblings / watching my videos and for those of you who have had readings done, attended my workshops and classes or in some way, been part of my 2017, I’m filled with appreciation and gratitude for the richness you’ve added to my life. I could not do any of this without you!

I’ll check back in with you in the New year!

In the meantime, get those arrows ready to launch at the Solstice. Take it easy. Slow down. Aim steadily and meet your mark!

May you all have a stunning New Moon, Solstice, a blessed Christmas and Fantastic New Year !


In Life and Light