Full Moon May 18th is in the investigative sign of Scorpio, a highly complex, misunderstood and sometimes feared sign, often associated with power and the shadow. What many people don’t understand is that Scorpio has three different symbolic totem associations – the scorpion, who defensively and somewhat aggressively exercises power through emotion and instinct and will sting you on the foot without a moments’ hesitation;  the Eagle, who sees all, discerns hidden motives, discovers deeper truths below the surface of life and exercises power through observation;  and the Dove of Peace, who  observes compassionately without judgement and exercises power through love, healing and transformation. Full Moon May


Full moons are always a time of culmination and closure, often revealing what is hidden beneath the surface. With this one happening in Scorpio, the sign of the plumber and being in a flowing aspect to both Saturn and Pluto,(who are both retrograde), we’re assisted in digging a little, finding what needs to be released and washing away the sludge – it’s a bit like and energetic detox. This moon is anything but superficial, asking that we mount a deeper investigation into ourselves or our relationships. With Venus (the planet of love )  having just entered sensual Taurus,  the is an excellent time to develop more intimacy with a significant other and to go to a deeper level of authenticity in all our relationships.


I’ve written about retrogrades in past blogs, but let’s explore Saturn and Pluto, which, as previously mentioned, are moving towards a massive conjunction early next year for the first time in about 36 years.  This meeting will be a call to embrace a new way of thinking, a new way of being, a new way of working with power and with the perceived shadow.

 Both Saturn and Pluto  deal with the shadow in different ways. It’s interesting how we try to avoid that pesky dark thing that follows us around everywhere we go.  Crazy really, because as soon as we stand in the light, there it is!  Actually, have you ever considered – the brighter the light, the bigger the shadow?   There are a multitude of gifts to be found in our dark bits, as long as we’re prepared to shine the light into them.

PLUTO RETROGRADE  24th April  to 3rd October

During a Pluto retrograde period, issues around power, control and sexuality– and unconscious patterns and fears can be revealed. With Pluto being in Capricorn, this has to do with our structures, our relationship with money and to our sense of security. The area in you chart and life that will be most affected by this will be the houses where 19 to 24 degrees Capricorn are situated.

Questions to ask over the full moon and the next 6 months

  • Where do you feel manipulated or controlled?
  • Where and how do you manipulate or control?
  • Where do you feel disempowered and how do you disempower yourself?
  • Where do you feel empowered and how do you empower yourself?
  • What do you think about most on any given day – this is what you’re feeding your power to. 
  • What, in your life needs to be released, or changed, in order for something else to be reborn?
  • What are the stories you tell yourself on a daily basis about security, money, power, manipulation? Keep reading for a technique to deal with this.

SATURN RETROGRADE May 1st  to 18 Sept

When the parental planet is in Capricorn, he asks us to bring more maturity, conscious awareness and responsibility into our lives, to reflect on self-imposed and external limitations and become compassionate parents to ourselves.

 If we experience what might feel like a betrayal during this time, we need to ask where we might have betrayed either ourselves or somebody else and what it may be teaching us. 

Other questions to ask:

  • Where are you over-critical or merciless on yourself or others?
  • How do you handle stress, responsibilities and the practicalities of life?
  • How committed are you to what you really want to do and how might you be sabotaging yourself?
  • Where do you push yourself beyond your limits and what are the consequences?
  • How do you deal with hard knocks and problems in your daily life?

You will feel Saturn’s effects  more clearly in the house/s that he is moving through. If you have a copy of your chart, look for 13 to 21 degrees of  Capricorn.


Over the next 4 to 5 months, we are being asked (without judgement) to observe our unconscious knee-jerk reactions, as well as the stories we tell ourselves. When you think about it, pain and struggle usually arise when we attach a story to a particular event.

FACT – The rain is leaking through my roof. On its own, there is no pain, no struggle. It’s just a factual statement. A child might even see it as a joyful event!

STORY – The pain enters when our minds start to tell us stories about the leaking roof and start to spiral out of control.   For example: “It wasn’t installed properly in the first place;  I told Blogs to fix it – he never listens; Men! They always break their promises;  I’m not able to cope with all these responsibilities;  This house is falling to bits; I don’t have the money, time or knowledge to fix it; I’m useless.…and on and on it goes, until we’re right in the middle of an almighty struggle with ourselves and life itself.

As we spiral further and further down into our stories, we often start to feel more and more overwhelmed and disgruntled.   However, when we can engage the wisdom of the  mature teacher (Saturn) and the eagle observer Pluto, we  become aware of our stories and are able to more quickly detach from the drama.

I find this technique very useful, complements of Brene Brown. As soon as you start to go into reaction mode, stop and say to yourself – “The story I’m telling myself is….”. Once you observe it, you see that its just a story and that you have the choice to disengage from it. This works really well in relationships too. Instead of going into defence or attack mode, try starting the sentence with “the story I’m telling myself is”. If we’re not able to find the observer, our stories and struggles can feel like a never-ending looped recording.


If you would like more clarity on how Saturn and Pluto are working with you, or if you need assistance in shining a light into those dark patches, you might want to  book a one hour session with me.  See below or email me for details.


As the season turns and we head towards Winter, we are encouraged to turn in – in order to replenish, restore and nourish ourselves. Retrograde seasons are the best time to do this, which is why I will be facilitating a number  of Winter Retreats from the end of June,  in different parts of the country.  Click here for more details (best viewed on a desktop or a laptop)  or scroll down. 

 In life and light



Rest    Reflect    Reconnect     Restore

There is no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel, slow down, and bring  your energy inward. Becoming more present with every breath, you drop into Source and  fully honour yourself and your true purpose of being here.

On this retreat you come home to yourself, by immersing yourself in the flow of your innate intuitive creativity. Guided meditations and heart opening music will lead you gently into your inner landscape, where you’ll rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


As a small group, with the focus on tending our inner fire,  we shall paint, make art in nature, play, journal, meditate, nurture ourselves with good wholesome food, cozy chats and long peaceful sleeps and then emerge…                          ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are.



Non Residential or Residential Retreat

TIMES:      Saturday 8:30 to 5pm,   Sunday   8:30 to 5pm

COST:      R1600 (Non residential)


Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Vegetarian Lunches
Teas, coffees, treats
Walks in Nature
Guided Meditations

RESIDENTIAL – Please contact Rest & Digest if you would like to make this a real RETREAT and stay over. Their  accommodation and hospitality is superb! 


(Residential retreat)

TIMES:    Friday 5th July 5pm to Sunday 7th July  3:30pm 


R3750 per person sharing  (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R3450

R3950 per person single    (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R3700       


 Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Accommodation – single or sharing as above
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations
Walks in Nature (weather permitting)
Fire Ceremony (weather permitting)

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Residential Retreat 

TIMES:     Friday 5pm to Sunday 3:30pm                       


R2850 per person   (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 30 May and pay R2550


Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Intuitive Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations

Weather Permitting:
Labyrinth Meditation
Visit to Eco Shrine
Walk to the Waterfall
Fire Ceremony 


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 2 nights and get your 3rd night free.

Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

 There are, however, many different exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer. Self Catering options are  priced differently

Please contact The Edge reception to make your accommodation reservations and check for prices & availability and mention that you are booking for the workshop, so you can get a special rate.