by Michelle McClunan

On Friday evening, just before midnight, we have a sizzling New Moon in Aquarius, bringing with her a bit of fresh air after all the heavy, intense energy of the past few weeks. New Moons invite us, each month, to wipe the slate free, start afresh and come up with new and inventive ways of being. This is the New Moon this year to make changes in our daily lives.

Aquarius is the (air)sign of the free spirit, visionary, revolutionary, inventor. If there’s one sign that hates limitations of all kinds and has perfected the art of leaping out of, or getting rid of the box altogether, it’s Aquarius. When the sun and moon are hanging out together in this sign, we’re all infused with more of this maverick, slightly rebellious energy.

This New Moon carries a sort of sparky electrical energy, which has the potential to boot us out of any comfort zones we may have slipped into.

Being in a square to its ruler Uranus, we might find that our “comfort zones” start to feel decidedly prickly and UNcomfortable this month. With Mars and Venus in a square formation too, it’s possible that some of us might feel more energized and inspired, with a potentially uneasy sense of urgency and/or more rebellious, irritated, impatient, sleepless, anxious or aggravated than usual.

So…. If you’re suddenly filled with the desire to drop your keys and cell phone down a manhole, break free from all your responsibilities and head for the Himalayas (hmmmm), it might just be showing you that you’ve slipped into a bit of a ‘comfort zone” and could simply do with some perspective and space… or maybe the Himalayas really are calling 😊.

If you are feeling this way, take some space from your regular routine, even if only for a few hours. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Sit / journal/ sketch/ paint/ dance with these feelings and let them show you where you feel stuck and how you might set new intentions and do things a little differently.

Speaking of new intentions, do you ever wonder why, even though they sound great and look amazing on paper, they often come to naught.?

Perhaps one reason could be that in order to start new, very often we have to end or change something that isn’t working, confront the unpleasant, or eject ourselves out of the familiar and enter into a place of uncertainty. Whenever we set new  soul intentions, we’re inviting change of some kind and that in itself can get the heart pounding.

 Although for many of us, Freedom is what really, really want, we’re almost afraid of it. Who, what or where would be if were actually free of our unconscious limitations, our conditioned, habitual thinking and habits…our safety nets?

And so, almost without conscious awareness, we keep doing the same old things in the same old way, almost by rote. 

shThat same old, same old song or story  is our comfort zone and, even though its often anything but comfortable, its familiar. The thing is, although there’s nothing wrong with comfort  per say, comfort zones can become prisons in their own right.  We stick with things we know, lest we ignite real change and upset the apple cart, but in the process, we stop growing and become stagnant.

When you think about it, us humans spend an awful lot of time, energy and money surrounding ourselves with things and situations that make our lives easier and more comfortable… which is fine!  But isn’t it interesting that we can’t wait to escape those very things and situations to go away, usually to places where we have none of our normal comforts?

For me, when I travel away from home, it’s about that sense of newness and excitement I feel, when I wake up in a brand new place. The familiar comforts are gone, so I need to stretch myself …  find breakfast, make my way across a city or a new landscape, speak to strangers who I normally wouldn’t engage with,  eat different foods, work out  strange currencies, maybe negotiate with people who don’t speak my language and then fall into strange  bed, often happily tired…heart and mind expanded…  excited about the next day’s adventures. Sometimes these experiences aren’t comfortable at all, but they enliven me like nothing else! The interesting thing is that melancholies, limitations, doubts, fears and even aches and pains often seem to magically disappear!

Perhaps we need to inject more “new” into our daily lives this month, so we don’t feel like we’re just stumbling from one Friday to the next. This month, how about pretending that you’ve just arrived in your city or hometown for the first time. What if you were to see it through the eyes of somebody who had travelled halfway across the world to experience it?  Where would you go? How about a new beach, river, restaurant, park or art exhibition that you’ve never been to?  What about eating some local food or engaging with people outside of your culture?  Most of us do exactly this when people visit us from other parts of the world, so why don’t we do it for ourselves? (That’s a good question to ponder!)

If you want something you’ve never had, You have to do something you’ve never done.

Take some time this month to reflect on the area/s of your life where you might feel stuck, limited or just too damned comfortable. And then take some bold steps  to stride out of those comfort zones. You might want to start small –  take a different route to work, change your hairstyle, buy something to wear that sets you apart from the rest, try a new recipe, start a conversation with a stranger and then move on to bigger things. The good news is that each and every time we do something new, we literally start to form new neural pathways in our brains, which get stronger and stronger each time we practice. Eventually, if we work on stretching ourselves, we won’t be afraid of anything! Imagine that!

It reminds me of a young chap I met a few years ago who described how he had always been afraid of approaching girls, because they might reject him. When he realised that he was holding himself back, he decided to take the risk and go and talk to one. After the first time, it got easier and easier. And here’s the kicker – he told me that he realised that even if they rejected him, by confronting his fear, he had stretched himself, so it really didn’t matter what the outcome was at the end of the day. Artists, sportspeople and business people of all kinds experience this all the time, as they need to constantly try new things and go beyond their limits in order to stay in the game.

As Einstein so famously said, “ Insanity means doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. 


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In Light, Life and Love

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