by Michelle McClunan

The solar eclipse on 26th December (which is a New Moon on steroids) energetically marks the first step into 2020. The second step will be on 10th January with a Lunar Eclipse in Cancer.

The period in between is a little bit like a birth canal, ushering in what promises to be a game-changing year.

New Moons always mark new beginnings and provide us with powerful opportunities to set new intentions every month. The strength of this one provides us with  the opportunity of setting new intentions for not only the month, but for the year and the decade too.

This New Moon is in Capricorn, with Jupiter right alongside it, as well as the South Node, Pluto and Saturn, That’s a LOT of Capricorn energy right there – ambitious/ responsible/ traditional / goal driven!  It’s generally a positive New Moon, bringing more commitment, common sense, maturity and clarity in moving forward in our lives.  However, it might feel a little heavy for some, with old issues around responsibilities, worries, family, security and home possibly coming to the fore. Best to gently acknowledge any feelings that do arise and allow them to flow through you – no judgement.


It can feel a bit daunting when we contemplate another year – all those expectations (imposed on us by ourselves or others) …. all those goals we need to set ….things  we have to accomplish… weight we need to lose or gain….decisions we need to make…. money we need to earn…. parts of ourselves we have to fix…….Really… ? Truly…..? It all just sounds a bit exhausting to me and makes me just want to curl up in a ball and munch a mince pie!

Over this eclipse window and for all of next year, we’re being firmly encouraged to reassess how we take our energy out into the world, to find the balance between being and doing;  nurturing/ nourishing and excelling out there in the world, between the inner and the outer.  We are reminded that stopping, resting, and tuning in is vital and the only way to really get into sync with ourselves and our innate life force, which is the basis of everything.

With all that’s going on astrologically, we are being reminded in technicolour that outer  “success”  is not guaranteed to make us happy and that the only real home we have is within us right now.

As everything around us continues to change, this really is the tap root that we need to consciously nurture .

“The most important time in your life, is now

The most important person in your life, is the one in front of you… now

The most important activity in your life, is what you are doing now”

From “A Monk’s Journey”  Deepak Chopra

Really let those words seep into your soul!  They give me goosebumps! There’s certainly nothing wrong with having goals, dreams and achievements, but when we define ourselves by them or link our self-worth to them, we are destined to live in an illusory future and most likely set ourselves up for suffering.


This New Moon and over the next two weeks, reassess your goals and  “plans”  for the Year ahead and ask yourself which ones you really, really, really want to commit to and why. If you have set goals to please others, perhaps question their  validity. If you are committing to things that don’t feel right for you anymore, can you choose differently?  How many of the things you have on your list bring a feeling of joy and expansion? Those might be the ones to commit to.

There really isn’t any sense in getting “ there” (wherever that might be) and being too exhausted to enjoy it.

The one thing we do have as human beings is the power of choice in this moment!


We really do have the potential  this year of  tuning into the highest possible, achievable and sustainable visions we have for our lives and then committing to them with all the joy and presence that we can muster.


I’ll be consulting and coaching again from 13th January. Please email me if you’d like to schedule an appointment.


TURNING POINT 2020 – I’m really excited to be co-facilitating another retreat with John Homewood in Hogsback. It’s going to be a goodie!  More details in my next newsletter

Wishing you all a beautiful festive season.

In Light and Love