New Moon September 28th happens at about 8:30pm in South Africa, setting the scene for the month of October. This is the third Super Moon in a row,  meaning that Madame Luna is closer to the earth than usual and therefore we feel her effects more strongly.  This month, she is gliding through Libra, the epitomy of grace and gorgeousness, alongside the Sun, Mercury and Venus.  Libra, as you might know, is the sign of the scales and is ruled by the planet Venus, who is associated with love, money, balance, beauty and relationships of all kinds.

Due to the powerful aspects forming to this New Moon and her ruler, there could be challenges, resolutions and new developments in any or all of these areas over the next month.


If Libra had its way and was the only sign in the zodiac, we would all live in a Utopia of peace, love and beauty, much like the swans in the picture. There would be no borders. There would be no wars. All people would be accepted. Love would rule the day!

However, us human beings are a bit like diamonds,  formed under high temperatures and extreme pressure. The reality is that we wouldn’t be able to notice the light, if there was no darkness in the world.  Even though our true essence is pure light, we do have individual egos and personalities, which can tend to make interactions and relationships with others a tad challenging at times.


Other people are a bit like diamond cutters – they show up to cut out our unnecessary bits, grind off the muck and polish us until our true brilliance is revealed. They also reflect back to us the areas where we are still asleep and teach us what we most need to learn, helping us to progress to higher dimensions of our spiritual journey.

It always helps to remember that our souls wrote into the scripts of our lives,  every single person who has ever interacted with us.

So, when somebody is pushing your buttons, be it a lover, a child, a parent, a boss or somebody in the traffic, it means that there is a button there to be pushed! If another person says or does something that makes us feel angry, frustrated or unworthy, it means that we carry those feelings inside of us. Once we realise this, we can then lovingly accept that facet of ourselves and offer it up gratefully for polishing.

It might  be just that person, just that button, just that uncomfortable interactionn that shifts us into a whole new level of awareness.   Imagine that! 

This month, pay attention to what arises in you, compliments of somebody else, particularly if there are repeating themes.   If, for example a thought arises, like “I wish X was more loving, caring, patient and generous towards me”, try pausing and asking where you could be more loving, caring, patient or generous to that person, somebody else, or perhaps to yourself!

Identify the Diamond Cutters in your life and what you’re learning from their presence on your stage, be it fleeting or more permanent. This is a good one to journal.

Even though it sometimes feels that there couldn’t possibly be a correlation between you and that seemingly awful person, relationships of all kinds almost always reflect the relationship we have with ourselves!

If we know and like ourselves and are living from a place of acceptance and balance, we are much more likely to reflect that back to us and all our relationships have a better chance of flourishing. If, on the other hand, the relationship we have with ourselves is out of whack, that too will be mirrored back to us from the world around us.

This month, reflect  too on the relationships you have with yourself, your body, your home, your work, your finances and see if there is a way that you can create more balance and harmony within you.


The outer planets are, one by one, starting to turn direct, after a long retrograde season. Saturn finished its retrograde season earlier this month and Pluto will follow suit on 4th October, preparing to move together towards their conjunction in January (I wrote about this here).

This direct motion, in combination with the strong focus on cardinal (powerful, initiating) energy,  could mean that we are supported to move forward with our ideas and that legal / financial issues might be resolved.

Uranus in earthy Taurus and Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn are aligned to this New Moon to offer inventive, practical ideas on how we can bring more balance and understanding into our relation- ships and positively change the way we interact with the world around us.

Relationship are mirrors, reflecting back to us what we might not know about ourselves”. Shakti Gawain

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