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Full moon April in Libra Astrology updateate

As the momentum builds towards our next Full Moon April 19th ,  it seems that many people are feeling the fires of change! Some are raring to go with new projects, ideas and adventures, but others seem to be off balance, fearful, unsettled or even spinning out completely!  Old issues are resurfacing for  many, with unpredictable changes swirling around  at warp speed. The recent devastating fires at  Notre Dame mark a very sad moment in history, as centuries of beauty and treasures have been lost forever. Incidentally, for those of you who are interested in Astrology, the chart drawn up for Paris as the fire broke out, spells it out incredibly accurately. Sad as it is, this event and many others like it (which have not been as heavily publicized) are very symbolic of the current times.


This full moon, like the last New Moon,  is also square to Saturn, Pluto and the South Node – which I wrote about in my last blog (The Fires of Change), so this is a continuation of that theme. IF you missed it, you can read it here.

To summarise – Saturn and Pluto are lining up in Capricorn to test the structural integrity of all  our systems  – whether this  relates  to our  families, homes, possessions, relationships, physical bodies, daily work, the economy, government, religious and educational institutions, or our ecology. Where the integrity is sound,  this can be a  time of deep grounding, which sustains our ability to hold powerful forces of maturation and wisdom. Where there is a lack of integrity however,  the harder the impact on the structure (Saturn), which can lead to potential collapse, breakdown, destruction, and loss (Pluto).

This alignment, which is building in intensity,  is like a truth serum – there’s nowhere to hide anymore.  The infrastructure of who we are, from our most inner world to our most outer, is being tested and realigned!


This will be the second  Libran Full Moon this Year (an unusual occurrence) The first one was at zero degrees and this one is at 29 degrees – the final (critical) degree of the sign – reinforcing this as a time of powerful, possibly sudden, endings and new beginnings. Full Moon April 

Both of these full moons are guiding us to align with the flow and  rhythm of the Universe,  which is where we unlock the field of possibilities that lie within us.

You might want to re-read the last Full Moon in Libra blog, reflect back to what was going on then and check in with what’s transpired over the past month.

Has anything changed and are the different areas of your life more balanced or not?

If they are, you are dancing with the rhythms beautifully.  If not, there’s always time to get into synch. You can do it right now, this moment.. with one conscious breath!

Intentions  set on the  New Moon on 5 April can now be fine-tuned and adjusted if needs be.  This Full moon could highlight polarities, conflicts and imbalances, showing us where the cracks are and what needs to be cleared, to make way for the new.


Uranus, the planet of change, is opposite the moon and approaching an electric union with the Sun.  This Full Moon has an abruptness, a quickening, an urgency about it. It can cut through the dross like a laser beam, bringing a quick and sudden end to whatever is not working or has done it’s time. 

The energies of Libra and Uranus are completely different. Where Libra is about fairness, peace, harmony and balance, Uranian energy is like thunderbolts and  lightening, with the tendency to disrupt the status quo, when we least expect it. Uranus is about freedom, revolution and liberation.  When these two energies combine, we can feel pulled in entirely different directions. Keeping the peace vs standing up for what is right for us;  holding on to the status quo vs/ letting go and changing what needs to be changed;   remaining centred in the hub of the wheel vs leaping onto the outside of it.  Headsup – stay in the  middle ! 

It takes just a second to be pulled off centre by outside events, or by the past or future and before we know it, we’re spinning out, completely caught up and  wobbling out of balance.  Keep bringing yourself back into the moment!

A word of caution – with the planet of change contributing his excitable,  restless energy to  this full moon, we can feel more restless, impulsive, impatient and  highly strung than usual. As much as we might want to ignite the fire of change in our lives, we need to be a bit careful of letting our desire for freedom cause us to burn bridges we might want to cross later.

However, having said that, we can make change without burning down everything in sight… 🙂  Good sustainable fire is what’s called for.  Deeep breaths folks! 


When we have a full moon in Libra, we are able to see our relationship dynamics more clearly and understand where the disharmony or imbalances lie. However the strong freedom- orientated energy I’ve just referred to can put pressure on relationships or  create some domestic challenges  right now.

It seems that we’re being called upon to make changes so that  our relationships become a source of love, strength and support, but don’t shackle or limit us.

During  a beautiful conversation yesterday, I was reminded of these words of wisdom from Kahlil Gibran – real food for thought this Full Moon. 

 Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

Give your hearts, but not into each other’s keeping.
For only the hand of Life can contain your hearts.
And stand together yet not too near together:
For the pillars of the temple stand apart,
And the oak tree and the cypress grow not in each other’s shadow.

Questions we can ask this full moon might be:

  • Where do we mask our true selves in order to please others?
  • Where might we project our anger,aggression and judgement onto the people around us, when its really about us?
  • Are we giving  too much or too little of ourselves? Either way, there’s a gain, or we wouldn’t be doing it
  • Are we putting up healthy boundaries, erecting  walls around us, or letting people walk all over us?
  • Are we living our lives according to our own truth or to what other people expect of us?

This is not only about relationships with people – we’re looking at every area of our lives – our relationship with security, money,  our homes, our jobs, the past, the future, our environment, our homes, our health.  Libra encourages us to find out what areas of our lives are out of balance and what needs to be released, in order for something new to be reborn.

This full moon calls on us to be bold – to face the truth about ourselves, to sit with what’s going on and not run from it.  There is huge boldness in vulnerability, in surrender, in taking accountability and responsibility.

And – when you really feel into this, the only true balance and harmony can be found in this moment, right now. And  when we’re in the present moment, we’re naturally “in” love and when we’re in that state,  there can be no conflict!


Mercury, the planet of communication has gone direct, has just moved out of Pisces and is now travelling forward in Aries.  Venus, the planet of Love will follow suit on the 21st April, bringing with her the possibility of new love relationships or the breath of new life in old ones . These moves bode well for more clarity, more energy and more dynamic forward movement, after a few months of possible delays, confusion or lethargy.  Delays in  communication or contractual agreements should start moving forward too . Mercury in Aries will give us the boldness we need to speak our truth, even if it means having a difficult conversation or two.  Aries energy tends to be a bit impulsive, so just take a minute to collect your thoughts before blurting out what you have to say! Remember those bridges – we don’t need to burn them down!


If you are feeling the fires of change moving in your life, it might be an idea to have an update reading to see where and how this significant shift is playing out in your natal chart and how best you can dance with it. In an update reading, we also look at your Solar Return, which is a chart for one year, from birthday to birthday and provides a navigational guide for the year ahead.  If you haven’t had a birth chart reading, you can read more about it here

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To dance with and help navigate this energy of change I am so excited to be facilitating 3 Winter Workshop/ Retreats from the End of June., giving plenty of time for you to plan!

The Theme is TEND YOUR INNER FIRE/   Space is limited, so please let me know asap if you might be interested asap. Email me and I’ll send you details. Interim details below. More info  to follow: 

 In Love, Life and Light


Rest    Reflect    Reconnect     Restore

There is no better time than the dark of winter to step off the hamster wheel, slow down, and bring  your energy inward. Becoming more present with every breath, you drop into Source and  fully honour yourself and your true purpose of being here.

On this retreat you come home to yourself, by immersing yourself in the flow of your innate intuitive creativity. Guided meditations and heart opening music will lead you gently into your inner landscape, where you’ll rediscover your own deep wisdom and reveal the images and symbols that are part of your unique soul language.


As a small group, with the focus on tending our inner fire,  we shall paint, make art in nature, play, journal, meditate, nurture ourselves with good wholesome food, cozy chats and long peaceful sleeps and then emerge…                          ……rested, replenished and ready to be all we are.



Non Residential or Residential Retreat

TIMES:      Saturday 8:30 to 5pm,   Sunday   8:30 to 5pm

COST:      R1600 (Non residential)


Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Vegetarian Lunches
Teas, coffees, treats
Walks in Nature
Guided Meditations

RESIDENTIAL – Please contact Rest & Digest if you would like to make this a real RETREAT and stay over. Their  accommodation and hospitality is superb! 


(Residential retreat)

TIMES:    Friday 5th July 5pm to Sunday 7th July  3:30pm 

COST:      R4280 per person sharing  (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R3980

                    R4580 per person single    (EARLY BIRD – Book & Pay 50%  before 15 May and pay R4280        


 Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Accommodation – single or sharing as above
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations
Walks in Nature (weather permitting)
Fire Ceremony (weather permitting)

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Residential Retreat 

TIMES:     Friday 5pm to Sunday 3:30pm                       

COST:      R3100 (not including accommodation)


Full Catering – all Meals, teas and coffees
Art & Soul Workshop and materials
Intuitive Art Demonstrations
Guided Meditations

Weather Permitting:
Labyrinth Meditation
Visit to Eco Shrine
Walk to the Waterfall
Fire Ceremony 


The Edge have offered us a wonderful special, where you pay for 2 nights and get your 3rd night free.

Garden Rooms are R450 per person per night (single)

 There are, however, many different exquisite accommodation options available, so please check the website to decide which you would prefer. Self Catering options are  priced differently

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