Full Moon October

New Moon October 28th is in Scorpio, which is passionate, intense, deeply feminine and concerned with investigation, clearing, release and transformation at the deepest level. This is an interesting one, as Uranus, the unpredictable, electrifying planet of change and liberation, opposes the Sun and Moon. This can feel a bit like a lightening strike, creating some sparks and shaking things loose for the month ahead.

The energy has the potential to help crack open and break through any stagnancy and stuckness we might be experiencing, revealing and liberating whatever might be lurking underneath the surface, in order to create real and lasting change.

If you’ve been looking for something to shift in your life, this New Moon could be a real catalyst to get things moving and to break you out of any comfort zones you might have gotten into.  Heads up – this might not be all that comfortable! Breaking out of “comfort” zones seldom is.

With the New Moon being ruled by Pluto and at this risk of repeating myself, this once again, brings into focus the big alignment building between Saturn and Pluto (more about this here), which is impacting us all.  This only happens once every 38 years and represents  the crumbling of the old, to make way for the new or the  “changing of the guard”.

The Universe is Shaking us to Awaken us!  The way we treat ourselves, each other and our planet has to change and most change is precipitated by some kind of shake-up.

Leading up to, and just after the new moon,  deeply ingrained thoughts and emotions (Scorpio) might arise around relationships, sex, power, security, value, communication and the beliefs or “truths” that we hold dear to our hearts.

For some, this might feel a bit like a roller coaster ride, with the unexpected lightening flashes striking when we least expect it and penetrating right to the core of whatever needs to be liberated.  On the upside, the alignment can provide sudden flashes of intuition and creativity, boot us out our ruts and inspire real and lasting change.

Suffice to say, this might not be the calmest or easiest of full moons (Scorpio moons never are), but, as always, we have the choice of how we’re going to respond to the energy – Its electrifying, its deep, its passionate, it’s transformational and it could be liberating!

The best way of navigating this and the alignments over the next year, is to stay as present as much as possible to whatever is arising, even  and especially if it’s uncomfortable. When we resist anything, it shuts  the flow off to not only the difficult stuff, but to the good stuff too, including higher learning and the evolution of our souls.

If  uncomfortable feelings arise for you, take some time to feel them in your body, open more to them, not less. Allow the electric energy to shake them loose and invite the waters of Scorpio to clear them..

If you feel as though you’re in a dark tunnel right now, allow this lightening strike to illuminate it. Rather than seeing it as something you have to get through in order to reach the other side, try asking yourself what the gifts are right there in the middle of it. Imagine this … If your soul wrote this into your life story before you incarnated, exactly as it is, how might it be serving and awakening you?  The more we learn to be present for and accept the current circumstances, whatever they are, the easier its going to be to navigate the changes over the next year.  

The cave you fear to enter holds the treasures you seek.” — Joseph Campbell

One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious”. Jung


These are potent times. If there is any way you can take a few days out of your busy life, we still have space left on our retreat in Hogsback. Join us if you can!

In life and light





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