new moon march

by Michelle McClunan

Hi everybody.  Well it just got real! We certainly do find ourselves in the midst of a totally unprecedented time of change. Nothing quite like this has ever happened before. 

So … give yourself permission to take a breath… or two…  and let it all sink in. 

There’s so much happening astrologically right now that I hardly know where to start.

I posted a short video on Youtube and Social media over the weekend that might explain some of what’s going on and my take on how to deal with it.

My intention is  to step out of my comfort zone and post some more videos in the weeks to come – the next one will be about Saturn’s move into Aquarius.

This is huge, as Saturn takes 2.5 to 3 years to travel through a sign.

 He last moved through Aquarius when Apartheid was dismantled, which heralded the birth of a new social order in South Africa. And now we have this, which once again says that thing have to change, not only here in South Africa, but across the globe.

This time around, he is moving with Pluto (the planet of death, rebirth and regeneration) which makes for evenmore interesting times. I think we need to realise that the world as we knew it will never be the same again and ask ourselves how we can be a real part of building a more sustainable way of living for ourselves and Mother earth.

It’s momentous! It calls on each of us to be more responsible with the way we put our energy into the world, how we impact each other and our planet and to be more present, more compassionate and kinder to ourselves and others than ever before.


For now, we have a New Moon in Aries. With this one being the first of our new Astrological year, it sets the scene for the next twelve months. The Sun and Moon are only one degree away from Chiron, the wounded healer and square to the nodes.

Usually a new Moon in Aries urges us to set brand new, emboldened intentions for the year ahead. It’s a fiery, take no prisoners, impatient “let’s get moving” “out there” energy.

Hmmm…. Obviously this year we can’t get moving in an outward way, so we look to see what else our planetary guides have to tell us.


The North Node (where we are headed) is in Cancer,  squaring the new moon and most certainly lights up the path.

She tells us to move away from the rigid, hard, over-planned, weighty, stress induced, merciless, linear, limited, blinkered, power-hungry, patriarchal way of doing things (Saturn and South Node in Capricorn).

We are being guided to stay HOME (Cancer), to move INWARD (not outward) – to connect in a more soulful way, to be gentle, to be compassionate, to nurture ourselves, others and Mother Earth.

In other words, this is yet another (very loud) call to more fully embrace and integrate the masculine and the feminine.


When momentous change like this comes about and as we witness the dissolution of the systems we have relied on to provide us with security… as we face the unknown, it’s not unnatural  to feel fear. This is once again confirmed by Chiron being so close to this New Moon.

Chiron encourages us to meet and dialogue with our deepest fears and insecurities at this time, with a great deal of compassion and gentleness.

Only love dissolves fear. You can’t chase it out, just as you can’t sweep darkness out of a room. You only have to light a candle and the darkness disappears.


  • Ask yourself what you would really like to achieve in the outer world – what you would like more of in your life. Don’t censor this – just let your thoughts run wherever they like
  • Then take a few breaths, close your eyes and visualize manifesting a few of those things.
  • Feel what it feels like in your body.
  • (for example –“ I want to travel more” – how does that feel in your body? – expanded, free, enlivened? Or “ I want more money” – How would you feel if you did have enough money to last you forever? Relieved, at peace, free?
  • Whatever the feeling is that comes to you, (which might or might not be associated with a word )– that’s the feeling and intention  that you need to plant and nourish over the next few weeks, months and the year in general.

The  seeds we need to plant right now need to be deeper, more soulful, more sustainable, as opposed to light,  fluffy and “me” centered.

We’ve got this people. This is a chance to re-boot completely. Clear Out what needs to be cleared. Take time to rest. Take time to be. Take time to really connect with your loved ones. Reconnect, over and over, with the true source of power and security, which resides within you and never, ever goes anywhere.

This is a huge opportunity for us to move towards a more integrated, collaborative, sustainable empowered way of living. 


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Watch this space

Stay Safe. Stay Sane.

In life and Light